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Sitting on the highway in traffic and the cell phone goes off. Hearing the recognizable text message ringtone a person starts to think, “Maybe it’s my friend telling me about the update on the party tonight, or my mother, what if something is wrong?” It does look like traffic is going to be moving anytime soon, and knowing that it would only take a min, if that, to respond, they do. Before they know it the car in front of them stops too fast and there in an accident. Texting while behind the wheel takes your eyes off the road, you lose your focus, and it has a high risk factor. Texting while driving is very dangerous and can cause serious harm.

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Know B4 U Go long has been a slogan used to encourage motorists to plan their routes before leaving home or work to ensure they arrive safely at their destination. Now the Oklahoma Department of Transportation is taking that advice a step further by encouraging all motorists to Text B4 U Go ahead of a new statewide texting while driving ban taking effect Nov. 1.
Oklahoma becomes the 46th state to ban texting while driving. Law enforcement will be able to pull over drivers who are texting on their cell phones behind the wheel and issue a $100 fine after the Trooper Nicholas Dees and Trooper Keith Burch Act of 2015[->0] takes effect.
In 2013, more than 153 billion text messages were sent every month in the U.S., according to distraction.gov[->1]. And clearly given the volume of texts, many are sent while behind the wheel. In fact, about 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or other electronic devices while driving at any given daylight moment across the nation. Each of those drivers is risking not only their life but...

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