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Through reading Fahrenheit 451 Clarisse and Mildred were two of the important characters. Both of which had connections to Montag and ended up influencing him as a person. First is Mildred Montag, she and Guy Montag married each other at twenty years old and now live an unhappy marriage. Mildred is only thirty years old yet seems older; she is a very sickly looking person. She ultimately has no hope in resolving any problems within herself.
Mildred is a very cold and mindless lady; she also lives a very materialistic and robotic lifestyle. She has an obsession with television, and an attachment to the soap opera family she watches. This obsession is the only way to avoid facing her life and the family distracts her from her real feelings and leads her to nearly suicide from a drug overdose. This suicide attempt is even more proof that Mildred is in pain, and she even denies the attempt as a whole. Although we do ...view middle of the document...

Her poisoned replaced blood signifies the empty life-less ness of Mildred. Also, Mildred’s white-powdered face, colorless lips, and stiff body foreshadow the corpse she soon becomes.
Clarisse McClellan is much the opposite of Mildred. Clarisse is a beautiful, young seventeen year old girl. Unlike Mildred, Clarisse loves life and nature, she is also very aware of her surroundings. Whereas Mildred is only fascinated with her soap operas on television. Clarisse and her family are happy with themselves and each other. She has a gentle innocence and curiosity; she enjoys rain, dandelions and leaves. Her odd habits cause her to be an outcast from society, for example; hiking, playing with flowers, and asking questions. This characteristic is similar to that of Mildred Montag’s, Mildred acts as an outcast from society as well because she eliminates herself from society as a whole.
Clarisse comes into town as Montag’s neighbor and introduces her to the world’s potential for beauty and meaning. Montag refers to her as a mirror because she understands herself and sees herself clearly, unlike Mildred. She serves as a catalyst that leads Montag towards a self-evaluation. Clarisse reveals Montag to the absence of love, pleasure, and contentment of his life. All of which Mildred does not give him. As I stated earlier, Mildred will not discuss her problems, nor speak to Montag about their marriage. This is something that is also different between the characters of Clarisse and Mildred, Clarisse would not hold her feelings back and hide behind them. As Montag’s duty of a fireman he is supposed to destroy knowledge and promote ignorance to make everyone equal. Once Montag meets Clarisse he instantly changes his beliefs and feels the opposite. He searches for knowledge and tries to destroy ignorance.
As you can see both characters Mildred and Clarisse shared some similarities but also had their differences. They also both affected Montag, Mildred held him back and made him not be happy where as Clarisse did the opposite. She made his appreciate life more, the way she appreciated her own.

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