Failure Is Not Daunting Essay

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Hulya Er
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Failure is not Daunting
Undoubtedly, nearly all of us want to become successful, advance up our career ladders and attain better social ranking, so our vocabulary repertoire does not comprise the concept of failure. At schools, teachers lay great stress on the significance of academic achievement. In the field of popular psychology, many books like 99 Steps or Tips for Accomplishment are written about how people achieve success. Even though numerous people pay attention to the value of success especially in this Era of Knowledge, saying “failure is a good thing” astonishes me. In Jon Carroll’s article, “Failure is a Good Thing”, he asserts that failure is ...view middle of the document...

People who have the freedom of making mistakes andd taking risks can be open to alteration and innovation. Thanks to these qualities, success and invention comes.
Moreover, error is regarded as bad luck, whereas it opens new horizons and provides new oppurtunities. Many people believe that everything happens for a reason, we just do not know what it is at the time. Failure often elicits contingent chances that would not have been available without failure in the first place. A motto reflects this idea very well: “every cloud has a silver lining.” In other words, sometimes, when one door closes, another door of chance can be opened for you. And, this door presents you with a new beginning. Failure is a way of one door closing. Failure is seldomly the end; it is often a promising beginning. To exemplify, the process of improving a scale for my master’s thesis, I did not manage to complete research by collecting appropriate data over one year. Due to this, I became despondent, and my academic advisor suggested me not to become discouraged and shared a slice of Thomas Edison’s life whose most memorable invention was the light bulb. According to that my advisor shared, Edison tried one thousand times before he developed a successful prototype of the light bulb, and when a reporter asked him, “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?”, he responded: “The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” In fact, his failures do not mean that he failed. He only found different ways and chances to achieve his goal. This is the mentality of geniuses and successful people. In essence, failure in getting the results you wanted is not an adverse thing: It is simply an oppurtunity to try a different method. It is also an oppurtunity to start again.
Another point to take into account, relevant to the benefits of failure, is the fact that it reminds people of being human. Indeed, wanting to be successful and in pursuit of being the best every time is averse to human nature because failure is a part of it, even if perfectionists might refuse this reality. As a person who has gained almost every time, I believe that being successful in most cases is dejenerating since these accomplishments bolster our egos and make us narcissistic people....

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