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Fair Housing Essay

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Fair Housing

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Fair Housing
Landlords and those selling their houses should not be able to choose who they rent to or who to sell to based on race, gender, national origin, color, family status, or disability. This is because it is unfair and discriminatory. It is discrimination because it denies tenants a chance to live where want to. It is unfair to discriminate on race, gender, national origin, color, family status, or disability as it denies home seekers equal opportunities to housing. As it can be seen in the video"Fair Housing Accents", a home seeker is calling a housing office various ...view middle of the document...

This is because prejudice are preconceived ideas conceived out of hatred, hostility, and rigid generalization.
Ethnocentrism is another factor that have contributed to housing discrimination. Ethnocentrism according to Ferrante (2011), is a believe by an individual that his or her ethnic, race, religion or cultural group is essentially important. In renting and selling houses, ethnocentrism has been central to the hearts of landlords and home sellers. Most landlords and home sellers are ethnocentric individuals and make their housing decisions basing on their race, gender, and national origin. Arguably, it is unfair to discriminate basing on ethnocentrism because an individual’s believe may not be true, or may be grounded on faulty foundation. Ethnocentrism does not serve the social good of society but will condemn and discriminate outsiders.
Housing discrimination by landlords and home sellers is against the spirit of socialization and oneness. It is the desire of almost every individual that we get to know each...

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