Faith And Learning Essay

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Faith and Learning
My faith journey began nearly twenty years ago, on a Saturday, while working in a salon with a Bible thumping girl who refused to quit asking me to church, week after week after week. It was on this specific day that she again asked me to attend a local singles group at her church. It was in this moment and on that Saturday that I decided to tell her “yes.” I followed this answer with one condition. Stating, “If I attended, and did not like it, she would never be allowed to ask me again.” For some odd reason a smile crossed her face as if she had won some sort of prize which puzzled me. Afterward, I thought, “soon I’ll wipe that silly grin off that face of hers!”
Later that evening we both entered a huge ...view middle of the document...

Thus, my faith began.
What seemed to follow that experience was another swarm of what I now call God’s check –up.
Afterward and for weeks to come m cliental grew by half, but it wasn’t by normal people, but by those who knew God. Each client, one by one shared their faith and hope in Christ with me. It was as if God himself was sending everyone to teach, protect and guide me. One woman in particular invited me to a Bible study with her pastor and to my surprise I said, “Yes!” Each week the man taught me fundamentals of the faith, but one specific day we read the passages concerning baptism. Immediately following this, I looked at him and said, “well, what are we waiting for?” On that day I was new!
Not long following this decision I decided to leave hairdressing and go to Bible College. It is there where my true learning began. A new world was opened to me, a world of wonders, prayers, and challenges. As I studied God put in me a desire to help the underprivileged and downcast. So from there, I moved to inner-city Chicago where I worked with the homeless and gang kids. It was wonderful and everything I ever dreamt it would be. On any given Sunday we had Lillian, who would stand up, walk over to someone and demand, “Give me a dollar!” Then, there was Bonnie the bag lady following you around talking incessantly without ceasing, and until you shut your car door, in her smiling face. Finally, there was the box on the alter with a huge pad-lock which served for our offering. It was challenging and hilarious all at the same time. In brief, this is only a sampling of my learning.

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