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While some people may believe that science and religion differ drastically, science and religion both require reason and faith respectively. Religion uses reason as a way of learning and growing in one’s faith. Science, on the other hand, uses reason to provide facts and explain different hypotheses. Both, though, use reason for evidence as a way of gaining more knowledge about the subject. Although science tends to favor more “natural” views of the world, religion and science fundamentally need reason and faith to obtain more knowledge about their various subjects. In looking at science and religion, the similarities and differences in faith and reason can be seen.
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As Dr. Gignilliat said, “As Christians, we need reason to seek and enjoy what God has put in this world.” Christians are taught to have a reason for believing in Christ and be prepared to share that reasoning with others. As believers of Christ, Christians must be able to reasonably justify the Words of God to unbelievers and explain the process of finding salvation. Having true faith, full confidence in something, comes from having justification of that idea, person, or thing from reason. The integration and collisions of faith and reason can be seen in science and religion.
Science and religion hold different views of the natural world and its formation. Science looks at systems such as the Big Bang Theory and the process of evolution to explain the presence of life on Earth. However, not all religions believe God created the Earth either, such as Buddhism, where the belief that the world never truly had a beginning is accepted. A religion does not have to worship a god and believe in an almighty God creating Earth to exist. When phenomenons occur, scientists look to the facts and circumstances of the situation for an explanation. However, religion takes another approach—one of seeing God’s will being done through natural forces. Religion, specifically Christianity, looks at God’s words and interpretations of His will for explanations. In these instances, the colliding views of faith and reason come forth. Religious followers, such as Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, etc., give all authority to the Higher Being that followers posses faith in and trust this Being to control what occurs on the Earth. Relying on the Holy Qur’an, the Bible, the Eightfold Path, believers trust in the words of religious leaders as the source of all power on Earth. The difference of faith and reason happens here, in the territory of interpretations of texts—followers trust the stories of religious leaders like that of the Virgin Mary because of faith whereas scientists look at the physical and rational aspect of the story seeking if the story is literal or metaphoric.
Scientists, typically, are analytical people who prefer statistics, facts, logic, and hard evidence when forming conclusions as opposed to emotions and beliefs. But these scientists must have faith. While this faith may not lie in a God or prophet, scientists posses faith in their technology, co-workers, and techniques. When performing surgery, surgeons do not stick to one sound method for each patient: they have faith in their abilities to look at a patient and find the best...

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