Falsification Of Experience And Qualifications Essay

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Falsification of Experience and Qualifications
Poindexter A. Hocutt
Everglades University

There are a lot of reasons why the opinion’s from the public about the construction industry is not always positive. It takes years to build a great reputation within this industry; however, it can be destroyed in the fraction of that time. The construction industry has some of the most issues when it comes to ethics. A lot of things play a role in this from bid cutting, poor documentation and even unfair treatment of contractors. All of these issues are big issues and there are many more that could be brought up, however, there is one that stood out to me the most, due to it being the most ...view middle of the document...

They were falsely purporting to be these individuals. So not only do these individuals choose to just get certified as a engineer or construction worker but also they try to use other people to scam through to get funds as well. Fraud it going to be an ongoing battle due to countless people becoming very crafty at creating documents to show the qualifications that are impressive to companies that need workers. There are more than likely a lot of individuals who still don’t have legit credentials who just haven’t got caught yet but, with more audits and with stiffer background checks will limit if not stop this kind of fraud.
Even though this seems to be one of the biggest things for me, there are other ones that have caught my eye such as inflation of bids, fraudulent billing and over charging. There are cases where project managers have allegedly inflated subcontractor bids by more that 1 million dollars and kept a large chunk of that to himself, cases were engineers and contractors have teamed up in a scheme to acquire fraudulent billing charges that ranged over 4 million dollars and also, were a constructor on a hospital construction project overcharge the owners of the project by more that 5 million dollars in labor rates and executive compensation.
It has been shown that someone of managerial levels, which in most cases were often in...

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