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Family Feud In The Story "Romeo And Juliet"

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The play 'Romeo and Juliet' was written by a well-known person called Shakespeare in 1595. In the play Shakespeare has dramatically presented the tragic story of two family's enemies. The whole play revolves around the two major themes of the play which are love and hate. Both themes have an astonishing effect on the play. If we put these two themes together it develops in to a tragedy just like it does in the play as Shakespeare shows this in an amazing way in this play. We know that this play is going to be a tragic play right from the beginning as it says in the prologue that the madness between the two families would end with a tragedy. The story takes place in a city called ...view middle of the document...

Only after the party they discover that they are from rival houses. Romeo expresses his love to Juliet and they marry each other the very next day, secretly. Tybalt is enraged by Romeo's unwanted "visit" and he swears revenge. When he sees Romeo again he insults Romeo and kills Mercutio, another Montague. Romeo kill's Tybalt for killing Mercutio and as a punishment he is told to leave Verona and never return again. The Friar has a plan to reunite Romeo and Juliet, who she is supposed to marry Paris by her fathers demand. The friar makes a potion that will cause Juliet a temporary death-alike situation, and she will not have to marry Paris. Juliet agrees as she drinks the potion and apparently dies, and the Friar sends a messenger to inform Romeo, but the messenger fails to reach Romeo and instead a friend of Romeo reaches him and tells him that Juliet is dead because he didn't knew that Juliet is only apparently dead because of the potion. Romeo buys a poison and comes back to Verona and enters Juliet's tomb. He kisses her and then commits suicide. A little after Juliet wakes up as she finds her love Romeo dead and she uses Romeo's dagger to do kill her self. Romeo's family and Juliet's family arrive at the scene and as they look at this tragedy they decide to stop the foolish fighting between each other. Before Act 1 Scene 5 in the play Romeo has an early sadness in a kind of scholarly love with Rosaline. He is in love with the idea of two human's natural love. Mercutio and the nurse talk about love from a physical, vulgar point of view and lord and lady Capulet see love simply

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