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Family Guy Satirical Speech

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Family Guy- Extension English Speech
“Damn Long Ears trying to take Easter away from Jesus”. This quote is one of the many classic examples of Family Guys satirical comments on modern day America. With its ability to entertain and educate, this hilarious animated sitcom has continuously been applauded for its excessive use of clever cut-out gags and tongue and cheek sendups of American culture. Epitomising a dysfunctional family, the show revolves around the adventures of the Peter Griffin clan; each a mask representing stereotypes of typical Americans and satires in themselves. First of all there is there is of course Peter, a larger than life caricature of Middle America. He is ...view middle of the document...

The particular episode I have chosen to talk to you about today, is in Season 2 Episode 3,”Da Boom”. Following the destruction of the world’s infrastructure and the post-apocalyptic travels of the Griffin family; this episode highlights the dysfunctions of humanity and its unhealthy dependence on technology and weaponry. The consequential now nuclear holocaust is a send up of the Y2K scare back in the 90’s. Using absurdity in the concept of pinning their hopes of survival on a Twinkie Factory, the audience is defamiliarised from the families situation, leaving them to ridicule the stupidity of how people are acting at the “end of the world”, which only in translation is the end of technology. The calm nature of the characters are incongruent with their hyperbolic situation as they are left with no food, no shelter and for some people, no sanity. At this stage, the tone of the script writer is displayed; using allusion to make the audience realize what little society takes seriously. Later on, inaugurating himself as mayor of a new town, Peter becomes a symbol for humanities love of violence, greed and power. Paradox is used when Peter decides he will make a “better” society. Instead of learning from the countries past unethical mistakes, as leader he plans to rebuild not only a replica of old America, but one just as corrupt. This is also a plot foil for the dysfunctions of humanity.
The first snippet I would like to show you introduces the beginning of the plot. Buying groceries from “the 13th Step Liquor Store”; Peter talks to a man giving out chicken coupons. Prophesizing the end of the world, Peter becomes a mask of society, finding a bunny with a packet of Twix more interesting and worthy of paying attention to than an apocalypse. Being distracted by something so stupid when talking about something so serious satires peoples disregard for serious topics and how such matters fall on deaf ears. The distraction literally being a bunny creates visual humor as like their own family pet, it is anthropomorphic and absurd.
(Go to 03:08; play till 03:23)
The next scene takes place out the front of the Griffins home. Worried, Peter shares his learning’s with his friends, only to which they of course find amusing. Caricature is used as Peter goes on to reveal the source from which he learnt such groundbreaking news; a chicken. Exaggerating how easily humanity is manipulated into believing things , extreme irony is used as Peter believes the theory coming from not only a man in a chicken suit, but from the kind of person he said previously he wouldn’t take anything , even a chicken coupon from.
(Go to 3:43; play till 3:48)
Moving on to the morning after the apocalypse, already the people of Quahog face problems with shelter, food shortage and nuclear waste. Despite the exaggeration of Quagmire and Cleveland’s mutation creating humor, their conversation with Lois alludes to how wasteful society is with its vital commodities such as food and...

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