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Family Health Assessment Essay

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Family Health Assessment
Nurses could view family as a client, as one unit with multiple individuals in different stages of transition including adults, adolescents, and small children. “A family is a set of interacting individuals related by marriage, blood, and adoption or by cohabitation interdependently perform relevant functions to fulfill expected role” (Edelman & Mandle2010). System theory helps nurses to view clients as participating members of a family. Developmental theory helps nurses to look at different phases of the family system and predict family transitions based on the norms. Gordon’s functional health patterns help nurses to assess and understand health patterns of ...view middle of the document...

Maternal parents are alive and they are in their 80’s with diabetes. This family has a family practitioner as their primary doctor. They have made a few visits to the doctor for the children’s immunizations, minor illness like the cold, flu, and sore throat as needed. There was a recent hospitalization for the younger child who suffered from a broken leg and needed mild ortho surgery. They follow the Catholic religion and have faith in God. They practice daily prayer at night and go to church on Sundays. The children are active in Sunday school classes and participate in summer camp.
They are on a regular diet with few restrictions on fat intake. The children eat school lunch and the parents eat from the cafeteria or outside daily. Main meal of the day is dinner which includes meat, chicken or pork, bread, and vegetables. They snack frequently on foods like chocolate or chips. Intake of a multivitamin is rare and few regular medications are taken. They had no complaints of loss of appetite recently. No variations in weight gain or weight loss was reported. They tried to eat dinner as a family together at home as much as possible. However this was not feasible all the time due to scheduling conflicts that arose from the children’s different activities and the fathers late work schedule.
Father works the nightshift and mother the day shift. They receive 6-7 hours of sleep per day. They occasionally use sleep aids when necessary. There are no issues with sleeping and they wake up with energy in the morning. The father however experiences some sleep deprivation due to the night shift.
They have irregular bowel movement habits and take laxatives as needed. Diet modification was done recently resulting in increased fiber intake. No history of incontinence of urine or bowels.
Activity/ exercise:
The whole family takes weekend trips for hiking, fishing, and they visit different places for site seeing. Watching TV, reading books, walking, and playing computer games are their hobbies. They do not participate in regular exercise activities.
Sensory perception:
All family members wear glasses or contact lenses for reading. They had no history of hearing deficiency and no sign of pain was observed. They communicate well with each other and use English as their primary language and Spanish as their secondary language. No communication barrier was observed.
They are able to follow directions well and like to use written instructions. Visual, written are the preferred learning style and hands on practice makes it easier to remember. They had no history of recent memory loss or changes in thought process and no history of psycho social issues.

Parents’ perception is that they are good citizens of this country, sociable, hardworking, and practicing Catholics. They are in good health and proud parents of two kids. Family strengths are rich...

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