Family Involvement Essay

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Section I (Standard 1b):
Sara is five years old and her family consists of her mom, dad and a younger sister that is two years old. I chose this child from this particular family because I wanted to really see what it’s like in a family that is unfamiliar with the typical “American” way of life since they have moved from Iran. They moved to America when she was just a year old, so though America is not her parent’s original hometown, it is now hers and will be raised as an American.
Sara has very strong and distinct personality and characteristics. On a social level, she is a very friendly child who is always smiling. She is very respectful to not only her parents but to her little ...view middle of the document...

I really think she is an outgoing child and her parents are to thank for that. They really show an exemplary example of encouragement and determination in the parenting field. They explained to me how they went to classes to learn English so that they could raise their children properly and make sure their children do not feel like outcasts in this new country they have moved to.
Section II (Standard 2a):
* Microsystems – She lives in a home with both of her parents and a younger little sister. Her family participates in neighborhood activities. Children in her community get together once a month to play soccer or swim in the neighborhood community pool. This is great for her because she gets to interact with other children and engage in competitive sports, which teach her the meaning of fairness and teamwork. She has parents who are respectful to her and she has grown up in a caring and family-oriented environment that affects her upbringing making her a very “peaceful” child. She has an exemplary teacher, which is beneficial to her because she is learning from good examples. Sara is in kindergarten at an elementary school. Her teacher encourages physical development will impacts developmental skills. Providing ample outdoor playtime will permit the child to develop gross motor skills. The teacher’s common use of indoor arts and crafts are also a great way of promoting fine motor skills.
* Mesosystems – Sara’s parents had a birthday party for her and invited all of her cousins and friends. This party would combine Sara's family microsystem with her peer microsystem. This situation could have a positive effect on Sara’s development due to the fact that the microsystems are working together. The positive involvement of a parent or external activities such as sports days can play a very positive role in the child's overall growth. Sara’s teachers have an active role in her school by setting up parent-teacher conferences and watching their child's soccer games, which is what help ensure the child's overall growth.
* Exosystems – Her mother just finished school to become a Nurse and just got her first job. This is great for Sara because now she has two working parents instead of just her father. Her parents were very happy about this because they feel like they will be able to provide a better future for their children and are much more comfortable with being able to support their future than they were before.
* Macrosystems – Sara’s parents are strong Muslims of Iranian decent, which is Sara’s influence into following Islam, and her parents were influenced by their parents, who would have been influenced by the Islamic vales and customs passed on through the family’s generations. Her parents both hold college degrees and are of middle class in our society.
Section III (Standard 2b):
One of the main things that I respect about this family is their ability to adapt to the language. Though Sara’s parents sometimes struggle with...

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