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Family Literacy Services In South Africa

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Thank you madam chair. Good morning ladies and gentlemen. The title of the presentation is Soshanguve Family Literacy Service: a forwarding step to true African Renaissance. When we talk of the Renaissance of Africa, we speak of advances in science and technology, development and flowering of knowledge and a blossoming of the arts in Africa. It is a break from the long held dogma that still weighs down the African mind and spirit, declaring that Africans are incapable of initiative, creativity, individuality, and entrepreneurship. It means a break from oppressive historical legacy of poverty, hunger, backwardness and marginalisation in the struggle to economic regeneration.
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The question that is to be answered is what is to be done to deploy these powerful intellectual and material resources so that poverty, illiteracy and underdevelopment in Africa becomes a thing of the past.

On 6-10 December 1999 (the eve of the launching of the African Renaissance project) African ministers of education gathered in Johannesburg – South Africa to assess the continent’s specific challenges and priorities and chart the way forward to true African Renaissance. At the end of the meeting, a framework for action was adopted. The framework for action was that education is the sine quo non for empowering the people of Africa to participate and benefit in the globalized economy of the 21st century.

The ministers noted that progress in Africa or renaissance of Africa could not be achieved if masses of African people continue to be in languishing in poverty and illiteracy. They urged a concerted effort to promoting integration of education into the family and the community.

September 2000, saw the largest-ever gathering of world leaders at the United Nations Millennium Development Summit, with some 150 heads of State or government participating. The summit addressed major global challenges such as how to pull over 1 billion people out of extreme poverty, to develop strategies to reduce joblessness among youth and promote social progress and better standards of life through education and training (United Nations, 2002).

Within a year, the people of Africa responded to these challenges by forming the African Union. The African Union is Africa’s practical and determined response to its past and present, in favour of development, education and prosperity. Its socio-economic revitalization of the continent is the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (Nepad). Nepad has a forceful mandate to eradicating poverty and underdevelopment throughout Africa in the context of education and training (Mbeki, 2002).

The recently held World Summit on Sustainable Development hosted in Johannesburg reaffirmed these aspirations when the world leaders came out with a resolution to poverty reduction and development through education and training.

These positive development by the leadership of the world particularly from African leaders offer better conditions for all to use our skills and expertise so that we can make our humble contribution to the development of our continent.

Soshanguve Family Literacy Services
It is against this background that we in this conference to report that we have in a small and humble way contributed to the development of Africa by initiating the Soshanguve Family Literacy Project in Soshanguve...

The Soshanguve family literacy program is a direct response to the parent survey research we undertaken in the community of Soshanguve. The survey research was sponsored by Technikon Northern Gauteng Research Capacity Building Programmes. The survey research findings indicated that – though most parents...

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