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Family Systems Essay

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Family Systems and how they function
Tony Newsome
Dr. Pamela Todd
September 11, 2014

Family Systems and Healthy Development beings with parenting and how parents raise their children. In this essay, I will discuss how one can discern a healthy family system, what are the determining factors that distinguish healthy systems, the effects of an unhealthy family system on development, and how family systems affect physical (neural), emotional, spiritual, and social development.
Parents are the ones who mold and shape their children whether it is being an authoritarian/military style approach or permissive, a more laid back approach. Children who have parents barking orders ...view middle of the document...

Not every family has the same problems. Some families have children who rebel by doing drugs or always running away. While other families have children who are good and do not get into any trouble. All in all, it is wise to spend time as a family doing things as a family because this will strengthen your family as a whole.
Unhealthy Family Systems
The effects of an unhealthy family system are when parents are uninvolved with their children. Uninvolved parents show virtually no interest in their children, displaying indifferent, rejecting behavior. They are detached emotionally and see their role as no more than feeding, clothing, and providing shelter for their child. In its most extreme form, uninvolved parenting results in neglect, a form of child abuse (Feldman, 2014).
Physical effects of Family Systems
The effects of a family system can be good or bad on a child emotionally, physically, and spiritually. A child can be affected emotionally which can cause social learning problems. Social learning approaches see children as learning gender-behavior and expectations by observing others. Children watch the behavior of their parents, teachers, siblings and even peers. Books and the media, and in particular television and video games, also play a role in perpetuating traditional views of gender-related behavior from which preschoolers may learn. Brain maturation is an important factor as well. As myelination within the frontal lobes becomes more pronounced, preschoolers develop more emotional capacity involving self-awareness. In addition, hormonal changes seen to be related to emotions that are more...

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