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Fantastic Ticket Sales Essay

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Fantastic Ticket Sales? I think not!

So, the Olympics. Am I excited about it? Yes. Did I order tickets? Yes. Did I stay awake until 6am and beyond to order them? Yes. But the real question is; did I get a single ticket? No.
So here I am, a raging sports enthusiast, without a single ticket. I love the Olympics! I’ve wanted to go since I was just 5 years old; and when it finally comes to London, the 150,000 tickets reserved for Britain, are squandered away to Europe just for more money! Disaster.
How can anyone say it’s a remotely good system? It’s an absolute shamble. The ticket sales are more like a lottery and we know that no one ever wins that. Well; unless ...view middle of the document...

I mean honestly, I could have designed a better system even though I find difficulties in distributing change to people! Why didn’t they just simplify it and have it so that each day a different event goes on sale and you have the whole day to bid, not just at 6am! Oh, and when there is a credit card glitch, the website stops the countdown so that you can actually still order them!
How much has been thrown away on designing this actual ‘amazing and faultless’ website, and it can’t even live up to its name! What happened to the country being in debt? What happened to ‘the credit crunch’ or the ‘recession’? Yet we can afford to waste our money - the money we all work hard for - on a website that has more faults than Jordan’s sense of style…or lack of it.
Accordingly; 1.9 million have applied for these so called ‘best-on-Earth’ tickets and 1.2 million of those happy hopefuls have been left, empty-handed; in the first round anyway. So how could 3 million first-round tickets gone to a mere 700,000 people? Am I missing something there?
Nowadays you have to be swimming in money to afford a ticket to the Olympics; it’s not like these people are even bothered about sport.
In short; this new system is absolutely outrageous. It’s faulty, you can’t even get a portion of the tickets you want, and when you do get any tickets, the allocation is done with so much little common sense that these events overlap. Am I really that wrong in thinking that there could be so much done to improve this system? Maybe not.
That ladies and gentlemen, is the end of my rant.

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