Fantastic Voyage To The Lungs! Essay

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2013

Hello my fellow scientist! Today we are going on a field trip. I am glad we all are only 8 inches tall because we can jump in my mini sub and go! We are going on a trip through a healthy young lady’s body named Tara. Tara has bacteria invading the lower lobe of her right lung, we are going to find it and make sure the body’s defense mechanisms are working to kill it. Everyone grab a seat and let’s begin! Now we are being injected into Tara’s femoral vein. The femoral vein is the large vein in the groin that passes with the femoral artery under the inguinal ligament to enter the abdomen, and then it ...view middle of the document...

The inferior vena cava is a vein that carries blood from the lower body to the heart, and this vein carries de-oxygenated blood (HEALTHLINE.2013). This vein runs behind the abdominal cavity and alongside the right vertebrae column of the spine, and carries a lot of blood from the lower body to the heart and lungs. Guess What? We can see Tara’s heart from here! We must continue on our way, we are at the right atrium of the heart. From here we will go on to the atrioventricular valve all the way to the right ventricle and on to the pulmonary semilunar valve. Continuing on, we are now passing the pulmonary artery and now we will reach the lungs. We made it explorers, now we just have to go on down to the lower lobe of the right lung.
The lungs are the part of the body system we use to breathe (INNERBODY.2013). The left lung is divided into two sections called upper lobe and lower lobe. There are three lobes in the right lung. The three lobes are the superior lobe which is at the top, the middle lobe is located in the middle, and the inferior lobe is located at the bottom. Okay explorers we have reached the bacteria! It looks like the body is trying to fight off this nasty bacteria but it’s going to be a long battle. The body fights off bacteria in two ways. The friendly bacteria that lives inside the body kills off all invaders, if that doesn’t work the white blood cells or leukocytes as they are called step in. It’s the neutrophils who will kill the invaders and take them to your colon after neutralization. Antibiotics may be needed if there is fluid in the lungs because fluid is bad for the lungs. This is only if death is imminent in a patient, in addition to killing the bad bacteria the antibiotics may also kill the healthy bacteria that make up your immune system (HEALTHLINE.2013). A body with a healthy diet and an adequate supply of vitamin C will heal itself in due course. To our knowledge Tara is a healthy female so she should feel better in a couple of days.
Now that we have found the bacteria and saw the body...

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