Faraday And The Faber Book Of Beasts

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Part 1- Faraday

According to the author of this extract, what aspects of Faraday’s life and work contributed to his reputation? How does the picture presented here compare to the picture of Faraday’s reputation in his own lifetime presented in Book 1, Chapter 4?

In the extract, Faraday’s reputation is solely based upon the work that he did as a scientist and things that other people have said about him- it doesn’t include anything about his life before his experiments. One aspect that would substantially change a person’s view of Faraday is that “Faraday loved science for the sake of science” (The Times, in AA100 Assignment Booklet, 2011, p. 23) which would astonish a lot of people ...view middle of the document...

90) showing how extraordinary Faraday actually was, as although he didn’t come from money and wasn’t university trained, he managed to become a successful scientist. This reflected in his reputation as he gained a lot of respect through his hard work. Although, in contrast to the extract, the book uses his early life to make him sound more impressive than he already was.
It also says how Faraday would’ve been undiscovered if he hadn’t have had a job in media before he attempted his scientific career. This creates an image of a man trying to gain fame from his experiments and discoveries although in the initial extract from The Times, it says that he “loved science for the sake of science” (The Times, in AA100 Assignment Booklet, 2011, p. 23) which are conflicting views. His reputation in the chapter is one to be desired as the picture created shows a man that is not well educated, is lucky and would have got nowhere if it weren’t for his previous job.
Also, it draws attention to his lack of formal education- he did “little more than the rudiments of reading, writing, and arithmetic at a common day-school” (Isobel Falconer with Frank James, 2008, p. 90) which would put anyone, scientist or not, in a negative light. Making a point of including this gives Faraday a bad reputation as he wrote his essays in very plain and simple language and had to get somebody else to revise them. In the aforementioned article by The Times, it doesn’t say anything about his education or inability to write a comprehensive essay and his reputation is upheld as an outstanding lecturer.

Part 2- Reading Poetry: The Faber Book of Beasts.

Read the following poems by Thom Gunn and Thomas Flatman in The Faber Books of Beasts (pp.5-6). In no more than 600 words, compare the ways in which the two poets represent cats.

In ‘Apartment Cats’ there is no real form to the poem and it doesn’t follow a rhythmic sequence, it is the opposite to ‘An Appeal to Cats in the Business of Love’ that follows a strict form and rhyming sequence of A,A,B,B,C,C… This gives the feel of the poems, as Apartment Cats portrays a completely different cat to that in An Appeal to Cats in the Business of Love- the rhyming form in An Appeal to Cats in the Business of Love gives the feeling of seductiveness and sleaziness whereas in Apartment Cats, the lack of rhythmic form shows spontaneity and playfulness.
The views that Thom Gunn and Thomas Flatman take upon cats are contrasting to the highest degree. A cats purr has two different meanings for each poet- Apartment Cats shows an innocent, affectionate cat; “They rub my leg and purr” (Thom Gunn, 1997, p. 5) as this portrays a cute, little cat that shows love towards the owner and in An Appeal to Cats in the Business of Love, the cat’s purr is shown as an invitation of sexual liaisons; “If the business of love be...

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