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Fast Food 5 Essay

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Today the fast food industry is the most successful and magnificent one. The business is considered to be profitable, since it doesn't require large income. Many fast food restaurants are now operating as franchisees. That means they use the image brand of a well-known company.

Fast food is convenient, quickly served and cheap, so there seems to be no reason why we should dislike it.

Fast food culture of one nation can penetrate into the other; hence it doesn't make any difficulty to enjoy the dishes of this or that national cuisine. Though the home country of fast food is, of course, America, at present we can distinguish between Chinese and Italian, Spanish and Mexican fast food. The elements of fast food culture can be perceived directly or indirectly in all spheres of ...view middle of the document...

There is no need to waste numerous hours on shopping. Fast food delivery service will spare your time.

Despite the fact that fast food has long ago entered our life and is seen as a part of us, not many people are willing to accept it. It is often criticized and not without reason. Fast food culture exerts direct influence on many aspects of life. It is believed to represent the best and the worst of the American nation. Numerous commercials feature fast food, placing it in a good light. Nothing is usually mentioned about the danger it may pose to health, or, moreover, the conditions in which fast food is cooked. Such commercials influence children to a great extent. This results in their fast food abuse and leads to various diseases and obesity.

Today the U.S. Congress is taking measures to eliminate the problem by demanding money from fast food chains, which are seen as responsible for many of the ills. In California tax has been imposed on junk food, aimed at reducing its consumption and preventing raising obesity. But the Congress alone won't find the proper solution of the problem. It is customers who must be aware of the danger of fast food consumption. Huge numbers of people are still frequent fast food restaurant goers. They buy fast food because it is heavily promoted and generally available, but these benefits can be deceptive. Food, rich in fat, salt, sugar and other chemical additives is not likely to be health-giving. People, who work in fast food establishments don't tend to eat fast food. The reason is simple: they watch the way it is cooked.

If you really care about your health you should find alternatives. In Europe, Canada and Japan fresh organic foods become increasingly popular. In 1986 a "slow food "movement was founded in Italy, which has now 100,000 members in 80 countries of the world.

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