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The local fast food restaurant of choice for a healthy meal is McDonalds. The items I have chosen for the meal include a premium caesar salad with grilled chicken, a fruit and yogurt parfait, bottled Dasani water, and a strawberry banana smoothie for dessert. Each food item from the menu contains healthy nutrients that will contribute to the one’s health. The premium Caesar salad contains proteins, and it also provides the body with an adequate amount of vitamin A. A fruit yogurt parfait provides carbohydrates, vitamin a, c, and d. The bottle of Dasani water gives the body the fluids it needs, and a strawberry banana smoothie is dessert yet nutritious. It gives the body a good amount of sugar and vitamin c that it needs.
This meal from McDonalds in quite healthy in comparison to all the food choices they provide. I feel ...view middle of the document...

Calcium strengthens the bone, and osteoporosis can cause the bones to deteriorate over time.
After analyzing this meal and the food choices, it will affect what I choose to purchase when going to a fast food restaurant. These items are usually overlooked, yet it all provides everything that the body need. Eating this type of meal will allow me to continue a journey of a healthy lifestyle. More importantly, eating these types of meals ensure me that I will live a long life.
The second and unhealthy food choice from McDonalds I will choose includes a Big Mac, Large size of fries, coke, and an Oreo McFlurry for dessert. All of these food choices are unhealthy and consist mostly of fats and sugars with few proteins and vitamins. The Big Mac and large size of fries are mostly carbohydrates for the body. These items also provide the body with large amounts of sodium, and some iron for the body. A coke contains mostly sugar for the body along with the McFlurry. The McFlurry However provides some calcium for the body because ice cream does consist of milk.
This meal is more than unhealthy for the body, and eating these types of food on a regular basis can cause many problems. The fat from the hamburger and fries alone can cause high cholesterol. High cholesterol induces heart attacks and strokes in the body. The sugars from coke mixed with the sugars from the mcflurry also could cause too much sugar intake. A mixture of high carbs and sugar intake could lead to irreversible diabetes in the body. The one good thing the ice cream however provides is calcium and iron which the body needs to strengthen bones.
Finally after analyzing the food choices from an unhealthy meal, it provokes a negative outlook on these types of food. These foods put the body at high risk for all types of diseases. More importantly, if these types of food are continued to be eaten, it can reduce the amount of years you will be able to live.

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