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Fast Food: National Or Local Essay

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Fast food restaurant chains are a popular and convenient choice for eating on the go in our modern society. There are certainly several positive aspects to fast food establishments, but are the potential health detriments and collective negative effects on society worth it? Or would it be better to support locally owned and operated restaurants? Here I will examine several facts pertaining to these restaurants, as well as explain why I personally believe we should not frequent these establishments, but rather support local restaurants.
In the documentary film "Supersize Me" Morgan Spurlock eats every meal at a McDonalds for a month. He eats what an average person would eat ...view middle of the document...

Weaver extols the benefits of aerobic and anaerobic activity as a part of this healthy life style. He watched his portion sizes and worked out every day. When
his 30 day experiment started he was 48 years old, 6' 1" tall and weighed 222 pounds. His cholesterol was 208, and his blood pressure was 111/78. After a month of eating only McDonald's
Weaver lost 8 pounds of fat and improved his cholesterol.
Another aspect is that several large fast food Restaurants claim to have healthy options on their menu. Subway employs a spokesman named Jared Fogle for advertising campaigns. Fogle claims to have lost 245 pounds in one year by eating at Subway ( Another man named Chris Coleson claims to have lost 80 pounds over 6 months by eating apple dippers, wraps, and salads at McDonalds (
Unfortunately, these are more than likely isolated occurrences. Most people would not have the natural inclination to eat small, healthy portions, such as the salads and 6 inch subs. Self-control is obviously an important factor and the fast food restaurants do not seem to encourage it.
Fast food Restaurants can certainly be a boon to society. Ray Kroc who built McDonalds into a successful corporation started the charitable Ronald McDonald foundation, his wife Joan Kroc also made several large donations to various charitable organizations. McDonalds is still the largest corporate donor to the Ronald McDonald foundation (
Unfortunately, the source of the massive amounts of hamburgers consumed each day at fast food restaurants around the country can be traced back to large slaughterhouses with poor conditions both for the employees and animals. These large, powerful meatpacking companies have made it harder for independent ranchers to make a living (Schlosser 162).
McDonald's has faced a lot of criticism over the years. Including threatened protests from PETA. As a result they have tried to improve their public image. They have used their influence over the meatpacking companies to pressure them into improving the conditions for the animals. Due to fears about mad cow disease McDonald's also told them to keep dead cows out of the cattle feed. They also convinced egg suppliers to give chickens a little more space because they could not even stand up. The space still isn't very much, they can at least stand up now but they still can't move around. Unfortunately, none of the fast food chains that have required these tougher standards for animal treatment have bothered to call for regulations to protect the workers (Schlosser 243).
There are other seemingly redeeming deeds in the fast food industry. For instance, Pizza Hut has a program for earning "Personal Pan Pizzas" called "Book It!" which is designed as a reading incentive for children in Kindergarten through Sixth grade ( Many McDonalds and Burger King...

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