Fast Food Nutrition: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

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It would not be a surprise that television, internet, and any other kinds of ads of big fast food companies such as McDonalds® or Subway® have successfully advance their ideas of healthy foods in many of Americans. Yet all of these wealthy corporations, along with many other smaller companies, have many ways to sell their products. These methods could be underhanded loaded with jargon. Information of simple knowledge overfilled with confusing and sometimes random information that otherwise will be too insignificant for people to put an effort to learning about. There are also times where information is overly simplified and have no real background to make a worthy judgment. Amidst ...view middle of the document...

The study was done on ninth graders and on schools that are a quarter of a mile or more away. This creates weak rationalization. The study, also, could have easily added variety of data than just ninth graders because if they extended to elementary schools, high schools, and even college students, in addition with different distances, it gives a reliable and diverse scope. Broadening to different people, race, age groups offers a more detailed conclusion. This study, furthermore, has hasty generalizations. In the article it says:
Another arm of the study analyzed data on millions of pregnant women who gave birth in New Jersey, Michigan and Texas over the course of 15 years. After adjusting for a number of variables, the researchers determined that women who lived within a half-mile of a fast-food restaurant were at increased risk of gaining more than 44 pounds during a pregnancy, compared with those living father away. (Rabin)
The aggressive theoretical conclusion concerning pregnant women and the relating larger obesity dilemma over the proximity of fast food chains is an excellent point of hasty generalization. It hastily says “44 pounds”. This vague conclusion has two claims: millions of pregnant women in various states in fifteen years and living within a half-mile of a fast-food restaurant. There should be comprehensive data, more than just pregnant women and within a half-mile, to support the weight gain. The quote also mentioned New Jersey, Michigan, and Texas, states that have large populations. Gathering data from states that have huge populations screws up experimental results. These attributes to logos in having too specific examples to answer something that is broad. In conclusion, Rabin’s argument offers incomplete deductions for the effects of fast food that are supported by hasty generalizations, non sequitur claims, and weak rationalizations.
Within certain fast food chain’s menu, nutrition facts could be seen to give customers information about their meals. It usually states calories, proteins, sodium, fats, etc. In Sharon Labi’s article “Do you want salad with that?” it goes to tell:
Nutritionists say fast-food outlets would be better off reformulating their entire menus, making small changes in salt and fat content and adding more vegetables rather than just offering some token healthier alternatives. The barbecue chicken and mushroom ciabatta pizza is healthier than a supreme, but it's still packed with 5.5 grams of saturated fat. (Labi)
In molecular biology, there exist multiple types of fats (Lipids). These include saturated fats, unsaturated fats, trans-fat, and polyunsaturated fats. Saturated fats and trans-fats are the biggest dietary cause of bad cholesterol (LDL). Butter, cheese, fatty meats, and fried foods contain these fats. The article is begging the question only fats are needed to be eliminated. It assumes that a menu should change because of fats. Although Labi stated the barbecue chicken has five and a...

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