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Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I will be talking about how fate took the, part of ending the lives of the two main characters, in the book Romeo and Juliet. So what is fate? Fate is generally thought of as the idea that one’s future is already planned out for one’s self. But there are two sides to fate, the one where your choices are made for you and your life is going to go down a path whether you like it or not or the fate where the choices you make predetermine your fate. Now why do I think fate is the one to blame for this tragedy? I believe fate is the reason that Romeo and Juliet killed themselves because it was the choices they made that whether they knew it or not ...view middle of the document...

Even in this instance I am almost 100% sure that Mercutio would do it again to defend his dear friend Romeo.If he were to regret it why would he do it in the first place?

In the beginning of the book, before Romeo ever enters the party he says he has a bad feeling about going inside, and as we know because of the prologue that nothing can possibly be gained out of going into the party. So he goes in the party and sees the love of his life Juliet, who later on in the book is the cause of his death. Before Romeo goes to the tomb he goes to the apothecary to buy poison and says “Is it e'en so? Then I defy you, stars! Thou know’st my lodging. Get me ink and paper, and hire post horses. I will hence tonight.” Does this show us that fate is kicking into gear because Romeo is going to take his own life or does this show us that Romeo is defying fate because he is taking his life? This shows that it’s the fate that is predetermined by the choices he has made, by falling in love with Juliet. Because of that strong binding love he cannot live on by himself, which causes him to make the rash decision of taking his own life.

The main events that cause the terrible outcome is when Romeo goes to the Capulet masquerade party and meets the love of his life (Juliet). Because Romeo was a Montague Tybalt was really offended when he attended the ball. Romeo and Juliet then get married by Friar Lawrence, Romeo killed Tybalt due to Tybalt killing Mercutio, and Romeo was banished which ended in their death. Now what if Romeo would have never gone to the party … I think that the same result would occur (their death) but maybe the events...

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