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Fathers And Sons In Dead Poet's Society

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Fathers and Sons in Dead Poet's Society

A father is perhaps the most important role model to his son. The dominant culture states that when a boy is young, he looks to his father for help in identifying his role in society as a man. As the boy grows older, he looks to his father for guidance as to what course he should take in life. The boy becomes a man, and takes care of his father when he grows old and decrepit. This ideology is best shown on the classic television show, Leave it to Beaver. Mr. Cleaver is always present and understanding, willing to help his two sons, Wally and Beaver, through any problem they might face. In the present day political arena, a good ...view middle of the document...

Second, the father must be home and available to their child while they are awake. On average, mothers are available three times the amount that father's are to their children (Snarey 33). However, as more women begin to work outside of the home, this statistic is slowly closing the gap between the two genders of parents. Third, the father must spend a large amount of time on specific childcare tasks. Childcare tasks are specific interactions with the child such as feeding or changing diapers and clothes. The more time spent with the child in a specific interaction, the more comfortable and familiar the child will become with the father. Fourth, the father should play regularly with the child. The main concern is for the father to vary the way he plays with the child. Often the father involves his child in play that is physically stimulating and exciting. It is very acceptable for the father to teach the child how to play physically without hurting others, but he should also engage that child in activities that cultivate his mind and heart. Finally, the father must assume full responsibility for the nurturing of his child. By demonstrating responsibility, the child also learns responsibility and feels a level of acceptance and love. These five attributes are important in the role of the father and are detrimental to the child when they are missing.

In a specific medium of the media, the news, there are many examples of overbearing and absent fathers. Lately, in sports news, the antics of one father's control over his two daughters in tennis have made major headlines. Roger Williams, father of Venus and Serena Williams, is known as an overbearing father. It has been rumored that he controls the outcome of the matches that his two daughter's play against each other. He has been charged many time by the press and sports commentators as fixing the matches and instructing one of his daughter's to lose so that the other will have a chance at winning a championship. While Venus and Serena each enjoy a fair share of wins and are regarded highly in the world of professional sports, their father often brings them a bad reputation with his harsh handling of the press and other players. Another example of an overbearing father made headlines in the entertainment world a few years ago. The father of Macauley Culkin was described as a controlling and dominating father. He controlled the roles that Macauley took with an iron fist and used most of the money the child actor made for himself. Custody battles to take Macauley and his five siblings from the man raged in court and Macauley himself even sued his father. Macauley Culkin still struggles today as he attempts to break away from his traumatic past and become an adult actor who does not need his father to control his acting.

These two examples of real-life overbearing fathers supports the idea that the controlling father proves to be a negative role model in...

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