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Fathers Of Evolution Essay

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Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel were both pioneers in genetic engineering and biology. Mendel observed genetic change in inheritance and Darwin observed species of animals in evolution. Both contributed hugely to the field of science and made substantial findings in the subject. Without their research, the world today would seem much scarier and different than how we know it now.Charles Darwin (1809-1882) went on board the H.M.S. Beagle as the ship's naturalist and the voyage lasted 5 years, from 1831-1836. When comparing the flora and fauna of the Galapagos islands, Darwin found that the species were different from island to island. Also, he compared existing to extinct animals ...view middle of the document...

The law of segregation states that half of the genes from one parent are carried by each gamete (sex cell). Each gamete has one allele (or one variation of a gene) out of two from the parent cell (each parent cell in a diploid species can have only two alleles at one gene locus -- i.e. genes come in pairs in diploid organisms). The law of independent assortment states that different gene pairs assort independently of other gene pairs into gametes. As it turns out, these two "laws" have several exceptions to them. For example, the second law only applies to genes that are far apart on the same chromosome or are on different chromosomes (Both definitions were copied from websites.).At about 1900, after Mendel's work was re-discovered, two groups with different views on evolution emerged: 1) the mutationalists, who believed that Darwin was wrong and Mendel was correct (i.e. evolution occurred rapidly through macro mutation), 2) the biometricians, who believed Mendel was wrong and Darwin was right (i.e. evolution occurred slowly and gradually via natural selection). What happened though, was that Darwin's and Mendel's theories were incorporated into one. The Modern Synthesis of evolution was developed around 1920 - 1947, using principles from both Darwin and Mendel. The importance of the Modern Synthesis was in the "consistency argument", the facts of genetics had to agree with the fossil evidence.Mendel and Darwin both created the knowledge on evolution and mutation; they were both huge contributors to the world of science. Being a big fan of science, I praise their work and their theories.

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