Fayette County Community Action Agency Women, Infants And Children Program

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Chapter 1 - The Problem This study is a collaboration between Penn State and the Fayette Community Action Center in assessing the Women, Infants, and Children Program, more commonly known as WIC. The majority of the research team was not familiar with the WIC program in Fayette County so the group started by researching the program itself. Mr. James Stark, Executive Director of the Fayette County Community Action Center made us aware of a leading problem of the WIC program in Fayette County. He identified a pregnancy concern as a need for more people to enroll in WIC to increase government funding. This enrollment dilemma is the focus of our project. Anna Koffler is the director of ...view middle of the document...

One's concern needs to shift to the health of these teens and their children. The study of the research project is to determine reasons and ways to find the thirty-percent of women who are not enrolled that could be enrolled. Some of the assumptions included: transportation to the clinics, office hours of the clinics not fitting with client schedules, confidentiality, not knowing they could be eligible, health/weight of the child, not being aware that WIC exists, and the effectiveness of the program. Early remedies possibilities were as follows: attending hospitals and enrolling women as soon as she had her child, hand out information at day care centers, or survey high school nurses and guidance counselors. These would all be ways of potentially increasing enrollment. During meeting with Anna in which she informed the researchers that she has not had any contact with the high schools in Fayette County a decision was made to pursue this avenue. She also had an Outcrop program for us to do. Outcrop is an area in Fayette County where a number of women are needing WIC services but have no means of transportation to get to a facility. The project would have consisted of trying to get a facility or van to Outcrop and establish contact with these women. Due to time restraints on the project, Outcrop was no longer an option. The decision was made that the high schools would be the most beneficial route for us to take. Two reasons it would be beneficial are: (1) time restraints and (2) the target age of women for WIC are attending high school. This will also save Anna time and hopefully will be beneficial to the enrollment in WIC.There are seven high schools in Fayette County. Each member of the research team took one or two schools and administered the same instrument to the faculty at these schools. Our instrument will be approximately ten questions long assessing the personnel's familiarity with the WIC program. The types of questions that will be asked to counselors will be: if they are familiar with the program, recommendation's of the program, familiarity with other social service programs, and how many students do they refer on average. This is not meant to take sides on a moral issue but just to offer a beneficial program to pre-natal and post-natal women and children. The goal is to sign more women into the program. This can be done by giving the high schools pamphlets and applications to keep in the nurse's office and also Anna's business card on file at the schools to sign women into the program. This research project will be conducted working in conjunction with the Community Action center to assess the Women, Infants, and Children Program and through high schools in Fayette County.Chapter 2 - Review of Related LiteratureOverviewThe primary purpose of the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program is to provide nutritional foods as well as nutritional education to pregnant, breast-feeding or postpartum women, infants, and children up to five...

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