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Fbi's Upgrade That Wasn't Essay

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Introduction: FBI Virtual Case File project was to build a networked system for tracking criminal cases, designed to replace the bureau’s antiquated paper files. The VCF project was of a larger initiative called Trilogy. A project, started in 2001, which should have taken 3 years, abandoned in 2005 by FBI after spending $170 million with requirements still not met.
Discussion: The FBI’s attempt to move from a paper-based to an electronic case management system began in 2001 with the Virtual Case File (VCF), a major component of the Trilogy project. The VCF was supposed to automate the FBI's paper-based work environment, allow agents and intelligence analysts to share vital investigative ...view middle of the document...

Opinions from other people who worked on similar projects can help set deadlines in such scenarios.
b. Unclear requirements, repeated changes in specifications: At the start of the realization phase of the VCF project, there was lack of a strong blueprint, FBI didn’t have a clear overview of current systems and intention of the VCF project. It was impossible for project members to make consistent technical decisions. Time spent on gathering required functionality for the system needs to be included in the scope for the project to overcome such situations. Define the requirements of project, divide tasks and set the deadlines with a clear picture in mind of what the result of project should look like.
c. Communication gap: SAIC knew about time delays in completion of the project, but this was never communicated to the FBI. Knowing there is a problem in the project, proper communication could lead to steps in order to solve the problem with a different overview. Lack of proper communication could make the project more problematic. Even though it was agreed that project would be ready by the end of 2003 and it was clear that deadline couldn’t be met, the project could have been more successful with timely communication and eliminating less important requirements of the...

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