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Fear And Delight Essay

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Every family or town has its own tales told to children so they’d behave well, or don’t do anything stupid or harmful.
In my family we had one of those, it was called home sweet home.
Why was it called home sweet home? That’s because there was a rumour that a group of teenagers ran away from their families to find out what it was like to be free. They brought all they needed with them food supplies, water, warm clothes and blankets. They found a house in the woods and stayed there, after a few weeks they had a shortage on food and soon died of hunger. Tourists eventually found their bodies and buried them under the house so their spirits would forever be “free”. They say that anyone who ...view middle of the document...

Out of the corner of my eye I could’ve sworn I saw the figure of a young lady. Suddenly I heard loud footsteps. Something was in there with me. I was not alone.
I had finished exploring the house and its treasures and decided I should leave. As I reached the door a cold breath of air collided with my neck. “Such a pretty face” I heard from the scratchy voice behind me. Even though I was scared, this was what I came to learn. As I turned, I met with piercing red eyes in the darkness.
A young girl who looked to be in her late teens was staring at me. I noticed her hands were bloody and wrinkly. Her clothes were torn and wet. Her hair was black and dead, cut off to her shoulders.
“Problem?” She questioned me.
“No, no I was just admiring your beautiful home”
She looked at me in a very intimidating way, she knew what I was there for.
“Would you like to play a game?” She smirked.
“I really should get back to my …”
“NO” She says loudly as she cuts off my sentence. “Let’s make a deal if you win, you get to go home to your family”
“And if I don’t?” I reply.
“You die.”
I was petrified, there was no other way to leave and besides if I didn’t play… I would die anyway.
“I accept your challenge” I say in a frightened shallow voice.
“Good” She says, again with a smirk. “The rules are simple, you hide and I seek. The game ends when the clock reaches 6, good luck” I suddenly run for the kitchen and grab any weaponry I could. I headed upstairs to one of the bedrooms, silently crying of fear in one of the closets.
A voice from downstairs “Ready or not, here I come”
Shaking, sweating and fidgeting, all I can think about is if I didn’t question the tale, if I had listened to my mother and not gone out alone, I wouldn’t be here. I hear the sounds of creaking floorboards as the creepy girl steps into the room. I quickly hold my breath, I can’t afford to make any sudden movements.
All I can hear is the girl repeating over and over.
“You never should’ve disturbed me, now you’ll pay. You and your filthy family too”
My heart stopped beating for a second. “She wouldn’t know about my family would she?” I think to myself as she leaves the room. As I was in the closet on the floor leaning against a draw I noticed an air...

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