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Fear Appeal Essay

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Imagine taking in one breath of smoke from marijuana and instantly having a rapid heartbeat, disorientation, lack of physical coordination, and possibly suffering a panic attack. That is what happens, after one hit. Imagine smoking one cannabis and doing as much damage to your lungs as 5 cigarettes smoked. Marijuana will do that to you, and I am going to tell you exactly why this drug is something you do not want to mess with.

This information could be very helpful to many people, especially with marijuana becoming legal in Colorado and Washington for recreational use. People with a license are allowed to grow and sell the drug to buyers of 21 years or older. Everyone should know the ...view middle of the document...

If you start to smoke marijuana at a younger age and do it heavily, you are more prone to have a decreased IQ than before you started smoking.

In a study done by Teen Drug Abuse in 2012, teens that smoked heavily showed a mental decline even after they quit using the drug, and had an 8-point loss on their IQ scores.
The older you are when you start using the drug, your IQ would not decrease at such a rapid rate, as also proven in the study.
Along with a decreased IQ, it is reported that marijuana smokers have memory and attention problems.

According to Teen Drug Abuse in 2012, the toxic chemicals in marijuana mess up brain processes that hurt your ability to do well in school and in life.
Smoking marijuana has not only a short-term affect on your judgment, but it has lifelong affects that can change your future for the worst.
After seeing the harm marijuana causes to your brain, you should understand the harm it causes others, and makes you more susceptible to the short term affects on the smoker.

Not only are the ones smoking marijuana being harmed, but also the second hand smoke is a threat to people around it.
Like cigarette smoke, the smoke from marijuana has the same effect on the people. It attacks straight to the lungs, causes breathing problems and blackened lungs. If someone just happens to be around the smoke at any given time, it can lead to severe asthma attacks.
Throat and lung cancer are potentials for anyone who inhales the smoke at all.

If a friend was with you while you were smoking marijuana, you could potentially be giving them cancer.
Marijuana smoke does more harm to the smoker in the short term than cigarettes.
According the American Lung Association in 2012, since marijuana smokers hold in the smoke longer they are increasing lung exposure to carcinogenic smoke. Which makes them more vulnerable to getting a cancer, or damaging another organ.

Also, marijuana smokers have not only physical effects to their body but increased mental, emotional, and behavioral changes, compared to people that do not smoke.
Obviously marijuana is a drug you want to...

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