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Fear Of Feedback Essay

813 words - 4 pages

Individual Assignment

Fear of Feedback
John M. Jackman and Myra H. Strober

Human Resources Managment
Author: me
Instructor: Filipa Castanheiro
Grader: Isabel Albuquerque
2 October, 2014

“Being able to access where you are in your company/organization is critical for someone success in his/her career.” Feedback is the key for setting, measuring and evaluating the performance of an organization, it allows a manager to know, what is expected from the unit, to set the right goals for him/ herself and for the employees.
There are managers with great relationships with their superiors therefore they receive feedback on a regular basis and use it to ...view middle of the document...

Jealousy, to compare performances is quite natural and to “wish” to do something or have something another person has is normal. However, setting a journey to be like another human being is recipe for craziness.
Self-sabotage, "Self-sabotage is when we say we want something and then go about making sure it doesn't happen." (Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby). it may occur that we bring our own bad luck by behaving in an unworthy way.
This type of performance negatively affects not only one’s work but the overall environment and health of the organization. Since feedback is so important workers have to learn to adapt. How do you accept someone telling you “Change”? There are some techniques: Recognizing and controlling one’s emotions is the first stage; Find support. Being asked to change is not easy. To talk to a friend or an experience person, it is almost impossible to change without encouragement and some help; Criticism can and should be constructive, recognize weaknesses, acknowledge what to work on; Divide the war in battles –there are many steps reach a goal; Reward yourself for your accomplishments.
Get what you need by asking, not waiting, for it:
Getting a year report feedback is a “to late to change” kind of report or at least a lot to change from then on. So to seek feedback the authors provide 4 steps: 1-self-assessment, 2-external feedback, 3- absorb feedback, 4-action towards change.
1 -Identify...

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