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Feedback Loop Essay

581 words - 3 pages

INSTRUCTOR: Belinda Pribil

Reflection Assignment 3

Name: Lam Bao Quynh Tran
ID number: s3230287
Group: 5

I was born and lived in Nha Trang until I graduated from high school. This city is quite small and there are only some foreign language centers and none one of them provides learners with good English-speaking study environment. Therefore, although I started learning English when I was at 1st grade, my English was not really good and I was not so confident in communicating with people in this language.
At the end of 2008, I left my hometown to Ho Chi Minh City for RMIT University. This was a completely new experience. RMIT provides students with an English-speaking campus and services. I was quite surprised when realizing all of the staffs in this school, even those who are Vietnamese, ...view middle of the document...

Then I realized that I might learnt these things if I had been more confident in my English and talked to them. I desired to change this situation by trying to speak English in class more often. Initially, as I thought this procedure would take a lot of time, I felt discouraged. However, according to Senge (2006, pg. 88), delays can have positive effect once people recognize and work with them.
When I started my degree program, I realized that speaking English even became more critically important for me. Speaking English in class assists me in my study, especially when I am studying in an English-speaking environment. It helped improve my English and therefore, I found it was much easier for me to understand the lecture. When I cannot understand the lesson or if I have some questions, I can contact with my instructors and easily ask them. In other words, it helps increase comprehension between me and my lecturers. Since then, I thought my interest in English was being increased. As a result, I felt that I really enjoyed speaking English and thus, I would use English in my classes more often. This created a reinforcing feedback loop (Lam 2009, My Reinforcing Feedback diagram). According O’Connor and McDermott (1997, pg. 36), a reinforcing feedback “leads to change in the same direction as the initial change”. As the first change in my loop was a positive one, it led to other changes in my feedback, all of them were in positive ways too and this brought about a “great benefit” for me.
* Lam, T. 2009, My Reinforcing Feedback diagram, Bachelor of Commerce Program, Business Frameworks ACCT2104, RMIT International University, Vietnam.
* O’Connor, J. and McDermott, I. 1997, The Art of Systems Thinking, pg. 32-39, Thorson, London, UK.
* Senge, P. 2006, The Fifth Discipline, pg. 88, Current Doubleday, New York, USA.

RMIT International University 2009 Business Frameworks ACCT2104

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