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Feeling Love Essay

1713 words - 7 pages

Mark Berger
Mrs. Morais
English 101 Sec 012
February 1, 2010
Essay #1 First Draft: Feeling Love
What is love? How do we know when we actually find true love? These questions and many more about love have been getting asked since the start of time. Not all of these questions can ever get answered;because everyone has their own take on what it is and how to find it. Some people think that true love doesn’t even exist. Love is something that has been used as the main theme in many different books, movies, and music for as long as all of these things have existed. This is definitely the case in the short story “Man and Wife” by Katie Chase. It is a story about a nine-year-old girl ...view middle of the document...

That people can have true love even if it is forced on them. I think that this might look like her interpretation of love, but that she really is trying to make a completely different point. I believe Katie Chase is trying to saythe exact opposite of what is talked about in the book. Although the book portrays the marriage between Mr. Middleton and Mary Ellen has love in it, Katie Chase wants us to realize from this that true love can’t be forced. The marriage between them might look on the surface to have love, but because of some things they say and infer throughout the story make me believe that they don’t actually love each other. Which is the exact point Katie Chase wants to make. That love can’t be forced, and when it is, you never truly will be happy. True love takes time and work, and when you rush the process, love isn’t actually there.
There are many things in the story “Man and Wife” by Katie Chase that show the way she feels about love. When Mary Ellen got asked to marry Mr. Middleton, she was only nine years old. She was forced into the marriage, robbing her of every finding true love. Not only did it take away that, but it also took away her childhood. We see this in the story when they first let her know about her upcoming marriage. Her father starts pouring champagne for everyone, including Mary Ellen. Her mother says “Our own little girl, to be a women. Bottoms up”(Chase 52). Since she is only nine years old, she won’t be able to experience things that normal kids get to do. She has to stop going to school to take care of the house and her husband. She was forced to do this, not by choice, which isn’t right. When her parents let her drink the champagne, it also signifies her step from being a child to being a wife. Since she is about to get married, her parents let her drink, even though she is way to young to be doing things like that. This is exactly like her marriage. Just like drinking champagne, she is way to young to be getting marriage. One second she was a kid riding her bike with her friend, and the next second she is drinking champagne and finding out she is about to get married. She is getting forced into doing all of these things thatshe shouldn’t have to do at such a young age. Because they are forcing her to do this, I don’t think it is possible for there to be real love in her relationship. Even after they have been together for a while, I would think that she still regrets getting into this situation. She never knows what could have been if she didn’t marry Mr. Middleton, but since she had to, that’s the only kind of love she knows. Although she might make herself believe it’s love, Chase wants us to see how wrong it is and that you shouldn’t force someone into a relationship.
Another point that Chase makes about love is that since it forced love and they had to sign a contract thatMary Ellen isn’t really going to get to experience the feeling of being a true wife. Nowadays, women aren’t just stereotypical...

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