Female Body Image Essay

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This chapter is talking about people who express their inner self with tattoos, piercings, clothing, hair color and fashion. It covers topics such as Imagining the Ideal Body and Fashion Statements. Examples from authors such as Susie Orbach, John Riviello, National Eating Disorders Association, Pamela Abbott, Francesca Sapsford and Ruth La Ferla will be used in the chapter overview.
Imagining the Ideal Body
The first section is entitled Imagining the Ideal Body. If you don’t have any exotic piercings, tattoos or body issues then you can’t really relate. This section is not only talking about tattoos and piercings but also how society influences the general people, including ...view middle of the document...

The last example is from the reading “2004 Get Real Campaign” by the National Eating Disorders Association. In the image that they have, they show a female in the mirror washing her face; she looks like a normal teenage girl from her view in the mirror but from the reader’s view all you see is her skeleton. Wonder why that is! It’s because she has an eating disorder, probably not even that, who knows. If you watch movies on Lifetime, you would see that in order to fit into certain groups you have to look a certain way. For example, if you want to be a cheerleader, you have to stick your finger down your throat to bring back up the food that you just ate to keep your shape and size JUST TO FIT IN. Why not just exercise? It may not be the easiest but it’s the safest.
Imagining the Ideal Body may have readings that have different titles and have their own story to it, but at the end they all have the same meaning. Society and Entertainment has a hold on today’s world.
Fashion Statements
Rather than talking about bodies in this section, they talk about fashion. As stated I the first section, society influences the general people. In this section, I talks about how fashion plays a large part in a teenage girl’s life, which is true.
According to, “Clothing the Young Female Body” by Pamela Abbott and Francesca Sapsford, it was talking about how young girls nowadays try to keep up with the “in” style of today’s world which is true because we see it every day and everywhere. It also talks about how young girls would read magazines to try and get tips on how to capture the male’s eye.
In another reading, “Wearing Their Beliefs on Their Chest” by Ruth La Ferla, it talks about how the general people will now wear clothing based off of their faith or belief without thinking twice or worrying about...

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