Female Genital Mutilation In Ethnic Groups

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Female Genital Mutilation
I first learned about this topic when I was watching American Next Top Model. There was this 21 year old Somalian girl who had made a confession about being circumcised at the age of 13. She began crying because of the pain that she endured and the fact that she would never know what it feels like to be with a man. Once I read the African Rites of Passage and learned that that procedure was done a lot in as a ritual. I couldn’t help, but research more information about female genital mutilation.
Female genital mutilation also known as circumcision is done, so that the women can become marriageable and be welcomed into the life of womanhood. It is looked as ...view middle of the document...

If she is not circumcised she will not be able to conceive. It can also eliminate bad odor and prevent vaginal cancer. It also prevents masturbation, lesbianism, nervousness, face from turning yellow, and it makes the face more beautiful.
There are three different types of procedures that can be performed when it comes to circumcising a female. The procedures are clitoridectomy, excisions, and infibulations. Clitoridectomy is cutting off all or part of the clitoris, excision is cutting both the clitoris and labia minora completely out, and infibulations which is partially or completely closing of the opening of the vagina by sewing, pinning, or clamping the vulva.
There are many complications that come along with these procedures even though many tribes think that it benefits the women. The complications include fatality, hemorrhage, infection, shock, inability to pass urine due to pain, swelling, and inflammation. A urinary tract infection, abscesses, kidney stones, menstrual flow blocked, pain when having intercourse, and a reproductive tract infection. As stated above it is said that the women will become more fertile, but actually have high counts of sterility.
The female genital mutilation is a very painful, graphic operation. All operations are performed on the ground or low stool, under festering conditions, with the same kitchen knife or tool used on all the others girls in the same group. If any deaths occur the operation or the operator is not blamed. The blame is put on the female as act of saying she was not a virgin, it was an evil spirit or the procedure was not performed properly according to wishes of the ancestors.
The procedure is usually done when the girls hit puberty with is between the ages of eleven and fourteen. The girls are surrounded by women relatives and women neighbors. The person that will perform the operation is usually her grandmother or elderly women, some have experience and some don’t. Unlike like most operations done in tribes this operation is not accompanied by a ceremony or ritual. The young girl is striped completely naked and sat down on a low stool. She is held down with her legs spread apart. The inner and outer lips of the vagina are separated so that the clitoris is visible. When ready the elderly woman pierces and slices the hood of the clitoris with a kitchen knife and cuts it out. Lots of blood comes gushing out which is wiped by the women who are holding the child down.
She then takes her fingernail to dig a hole the length of the clitoris to the bone and detaches and snatches out the organ. The women surrounding her then take their finger and place in the bloody hole to make sure that every piece of the clitoris is completely removed. Once confirmed she cuts off the inner lips and then scrapes the inside of the larger lips to raw meat. After wiping away more of the blood she grabs both outer lips that places then together she will then holds or sews them together with a thorn,...

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