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Female Role Model Essay

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What woman, not in your family, do you admire most, and why? In an age where beauty and wealth are valued over intelligence and insight, it is not uncommon for young women to name Gwyneth Paltrow or Jennifer Aniston as women they admire. While both have admirable qualities and talents, they aren't my choice of ideal role models. The woman I most admire and feel is a great role model for young women is Suzanne Fields. As a syndicated ...view middle of the document...

In a recent article, "Paradise Deconstruct-ed," Fields addresses the fact that many conservative women on college campuses feel a tremendous hesitancy to state their opinions in a liberal setting. The free and open debate once nurtured in colleges, the traditional "paradise" for intellectual growth, has seemingly ceased to exist and non-feminist, traditional thought has become the norm. While I find Fields' views more reactionary than my own, I believe she has a point. Students who speak out on the conflicts of feminism and family or critique affirmative action may be attacked not only by their peers but by professors as well.In articles and lectures, Fields encourages young women to defend their views and not apologize for their beliefs. She reminds young women that equal rights were not always theirs to enjoy; only by the perseverance of women working for change were equal rights granted.Fields espouses a conservative view of American society, but however uncommon her views, I find it refreshing to read a conservative point-of-view in our largely liberal media. I admire and respect Suzanne Fields not only for her views, but also for her courage to take a stand and encourage others to do the same.

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