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Female Sex Offenders Essay

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“And Here’s to You, Mrs. Robinson…” Female Sex Offenders: It’s Nothing to Sing About.

The stereotype is out there that in prison, the worst type of criminal is a sex offender, especially those that target children and teenagers. Often people will make comments like, “Wait until they get to prison, then justice will be served.” Referring to the mistreatment that sex offenders are subjected to by other inmates. There is one type of sex offender that does not receive the same treatment. In fact, many don’t even consider the perpetrator to be a sex offender at all. Chapter 10 in Controversies in Victimology brings light to issues of female sex offenders, and the impact ...view middle of the document...

Many of victims suffer more because they feel less masculine or insecure because they were violated or manipulated by what is perceived as the “weaker” less aggressive gender. Because female sexual behavior or “sexual script” as the book refers to is not typically viewed as assertive, forceful, or instigative, the blame for the action is often divided between the offender and the victim. Women are supposed to be nurturing and shy when it comes to sexual behavior. Men are the assertive aggressor and instigate/control all sexual behavior according to their sexual script. Subconsciously this how most people probably view sexual relationships between a man and women and it is not the case all of the time. Prior to this class, and reading this chapter I feel as though I have been guilty of “victim blaming.” In the case of an adolescent male being a victim of an older female sex offender, the victim blaming game often stems from those sexual scripts. What did the male do to provoke this action? How much attention or what type of looks did the victim give the offender? The answer may be a lot of attention, and many seductive looks or stares, but that does not give a green light to prey on an adolescent. I had many high school female friends that wore provocative clothing and talked about the younger male teachers they thought were cute. If any of those male teachers were to engage in any sort activity outside a classroom setting, the perception would have been rape, and charges would be filed.
Before reading this chapter, I did not even know the technical definition for forcible rape. Furthermore I did not know that at a federal level it is worded in such a way that a male cannot be a victim of forcible rape. If the stereotype is even written into the law, it will make it that much more difficult to educate others in order to remove the idea that rape can only take place when a man forces himself upon a women.
I was surprised to discover the number of unreported incidents to authorities, even though there was third party knowledge of the incidents. In the cases where a female teacher has a sexual encounter with a male adolescent and the school administration has knowledge or has suspicions, they simply remove the teacher from the district with no further consequences. This happens so often the text actually uses a term to describe the scenario, “passing the trash.” Simply get rid of the problem by subtracting the perpetrator. Leaving their behavior subject to then next job they take.
I thought back to my own adolescent time and began to remember just how vulnerable that period was. My body was so much more mature than my mental capabilities. Most choices, especially when it came to sex and dealing with the opposite sex were made without fear of consequences. At that age it is not up to an adolescent to make a adult decision when they are not fully aware of the impact that may weigh on that decision. ...

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