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Feminine Reality Essay

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Feminine Reality.

People like to see films with a good narrative that produces the visceral desire in the viewer to want to know what happens next and the film “And the Earth did not Swallow Him” by Severo Perez is narrative that has this characteristic. The film has a strong oral heritage and a way of ordering events and thoughts in a coherent sequence that makes it interesting to listen to. The sequence is not strictly chronological because it includes digressions and flashbacks and foreshadowings, just as a story recounted around a campfire. But because narrative is powered by events, its goal is not essentially analytical or critical. It contains substantial realities of ...view middle of the document...

For example, in
the movie, a woman feels compassion for her husband who has been standing all the way. She thinks in helping him although she is burnt out by the trip too. This image is a generalization about selfless women presented by Perez because although goodness is a desirable quality in a woman, no all Mexican American women have this quality. Another example is the mother of the boy that is presented as the classical example of a good woman who wants the best for her family but is also blinded for ignorance; therefore, the movie portraits in this character all the stereotypes that the viewer can possible imagine. For example, the films shows the boy’s mother practicing her mystic and blind faith trying to make deals with God such as exchanging devotion and prayers for God to take care of her son in Vietnam and bring him back home. As stated by De la Fuente, “ The narrator might well have chosen any number of more tender of flattering memories of his mother, but he chooses one that brands her as ignorant, superstitious and easily gullible” (84). Therefore both Rivera and Perez are deliberately exposing women as naive and ignorant. Although this is true for some women, it does not necessarily apply for every Mexican American women. Then, this is a stereotype present by the film.
Another way that the film reduces the wide range of characteristics of Mexican American women is by encasing them in a poor classification as bad women. In the film, Perez chooses the character of Dona Rosa to represent the role of evil woman. This character projects the image of a cold and calculating woman. An unscrupulous woman who is able to kill to get what she wants. There is scene in the movie where the narrator-Marcos- makes the comment that they, Dona Rosa and Don Cleto, were good people anyway. So Marcos never admits directly that she is a bad woman. De la Fuente Points out “It is almost as though the narrator were reluctant to accept this...

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