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Feminine Sexuality, Feminine Freedom, Sexism And Relationship

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Katarina Smith
December 7th, 2012
Eng 232
Feminine Sexuality, Feminine Freedom, Sexism and Relationship
“Desiree’s Baby”, “The Storm” and “The Story of an Hour” are all short stories written by the author Kate Chopin’s. Feminine sexuality, sexism, feminine freedom and male/females relationships are all related to these short stories. Chopin’s is known as an author for female independence and human sexuality. This can be seen more in “Desiree’s Baby”. Whereas, feminine freedom is expressed in “The Storm” and “The Story of an Hour”. Both women discovered their freedom and in some case this can also be the same for Desiree’s Baby. All three ...view middle of the document...

Questions like what does her baby color meant? Armand knew that their son was mixed so therefore “absented himself from home; and avoided her present and her child without excuse” (Chopin 303). After feeling abandoned Desiree wrote her mother a letter that suggested she comes home. After given consent from her husband she and her baby disappeared “she leaved with only the clothes on her back, her “Thin white garment” (Chopin 304). She returned to Bayou. After she left Armand discovered a letter from his mother written to his father thanking “The good God for having so arranged our lives that out dear Armand will never know that his mother, who adores him belongs to the race that is cursed with the brand of slavery” (Chopin 305). Armand now blames himself for making his son mixed. Desiree had forced Armand to look at himself and “Hate the very thing that he is” (Foy). There wasn’t make feminine Sexuality involved in this story but relationship was. Her marriage went from happy to disaster.
“The Storm” holds a very symbolic meaning for passion. It also states feminine sexuality through Calixta and Alcee relationship. With Calixta being married to her husband Bobinot she still committed adultery. This story puts aside the constraint of society and marriage and opens a door for feminine sexuality. Both Calixta and Alcee are married to someone else, but there were still some mutual feelings between both of them. “The Storm” helps us understand the human natural tendency towards sexual passion. The storm helps us illustrate the sexual tension between Alcee and Calixta. Critic Robert Wilson suggest “Chopin’s title refers to nature, which is symbolically feminine; the storm can therefore be seen as symbolic of feminine sexuality and passion and the image of the storm will be returned again throughout the story” (1). The story began with Calixta husband being unaware of her sexual desire. Then it goes on explaining what Calixta was doing at home “Unaware that the storm is coming” (Wilson 2). This suggests to Wilson that “Her sexuality is repressed y the constraint of her marriage and society view of women represented in this passage by the housework” (2). The story continues on using the storm until Alcee and Calixta sexual encounter that the storm passed away. After their encounter they are faced with what they have done. Unfortunately there wasn’t any guilt to what they did. They felt like new people and happy “So the storm passed and everyone was happy” (309). They both were happy without any guilt “Alcee leaves, he turns and smiles and Calixta laughs out loud; her passion is seen to be natural, experienced without guilt or shame said Wilson (4). With this encounter Calixta released feminine sexuality in a more complex way.
As mentioned earlier “The Story of an Hour” relates to freedom. Mrs. Mallard married to Mr. Mallard found out her husband is dead. This was hard and sad for her at first...

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