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Feminism And The Ethics Of Care

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Feminism and the Ethics of Care(Chapter 11)- Reading #3

11.1 Do Women and Men Think Differently about Ethics?
This topic and question is of great interest to me being that I myself am a woman. So in my opinion do women and men think differently about ethics? I personally think that they do, but it all comes down truly in the end to the individual person and their thoughts on ethics. I do agree that women’s virtues make women very caring and more sensitive than men, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t women out there who are not sensitive or men. I am sure if you look out there can be men who are more sensitive then some women. With regards to this I do think that women think differently than man.
In regards to Heinz’s dilemma and how they ask a little boy and girl what to do, I think that is a very biased opinion. Asking two people of different ...view middle of the document...

Why is that? I ask myself? Is it because most guys just don’t want any strings attached? I tend to think so. This is why I do think that guys have different morals then girls. I believe that it takes a special kind of man to fall in love with a girl marry her and stay in love with her and never covet his neighbors wife. Although, a man might read this right now and say I am being sexist, I am just saying my thoughts from past experiences and what guys tend to prove. How many times in a bar will you only see the guy goes up to talk to the beautiful looking women, but a women will stay talking to a less fortunate looking guy if she thinks he is interesting? Why is that? Because men are more shallow and on the surface?

11.2 Implications for Moral Judgment
11.3 Implications for Ethical Theory
What people should do as morally fundamental? I believe that when it comes to being a loving a parent, it should be something that comes natural not as a duty. Although that I feel as though for example a specific parent doesn’t feel the love naturally then it is better that he or she do it as a duty then to show hatred or whatever else they are feeling. I find it better that they fake it rather then be cruel. Is it better to fake it or show the truth? One could say that that is being not honest, but I prefer that then seeing the ugly truth.
I believe that as human beings and being the ones with the higher power we have obligations for animals. I myself am a proud Vegan and believe that animals are creatures of God and should not be treated the way they are and eaten for a source of human to have pleasure. As a vegan and past meat eater I don’t notice the difference of not eating meat now. If anything I get grossed out to think that I was part of those who engaged in killing an animal for the pure sake of eating one. I have been a witness to see how these animals are treated in slaughter houses and it is very bad, you can see in the animals eyes the pain and suffering. I am a strong believe that animals have feelings just like humans and should not be treated the way they are.

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