Feminism In International Relations Essay

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Women’s lives and experiences are marginalised in thinking and theorising in International relations which is consequentially dominated by a ‘male stream’ views towards policy creation and security. This essay therefore argues in order to achieve a comprehensive understanding of international relations, the students of IR must ask the question, ‘where are the women’ through adopting a feminist interpretation. Feminist theory of international relations is fundamentally a political act of commitment to understanding the world from the perspective of the socially subjugated, drawing on gender inequalities through rejecting the ‘naturality’ of the patriarchal system in hope of progression to ...view middle of the document...

This marginalisation of both women and feminine ideas in international relations is aparent in government. Women appear so infrequently in government that their appearance in any authoritative roles becomes ‘news’, affirming the male domination in high politics, security related positions, foreign policy and of International relations. For example only 6% of Heads of State and 5.7% Heads of Government are female, opposed to 94% and 94.3%, respectively, of men in leading political positions. Coinciding with these disturbing statistics, of 188 countries taken into consideration, 40 have women as Foreign Ministers, amounting to less than 21% (Fritsche: 2011). These few select women, whom have been graced into the masculine sphere of International Relations by the male ‘elite’, are accepted because they have ‘learned the lessons of masculinized political behaviour’ (Enloe 1990: 7) or in other words how to act like a man. Therefore, a large majority of world governments, and their policy formation, are dominated by masculine qualities, poorly representing women and feminine qualities in policy making and international relations.

This continuous marginalisation of women and their potential viewpoints in government, perpetuates the glorified qualities of masculinity in government in reference to international and national security, often supplying justification for the use of violence and force as a valorised and applauded ‘manly’ action in the name of defending one's country. ‘That is, men are men, and men seem almost inherently prone to violence; so violence is bound to come about if men are allowed to dominate international politics (Enloe 1990: 5). The masculine dominated topic of security within IR calls for ‘a real man to become the protector’ of women and is understood by the masculine practice as “defending the state from attack” (Enloe 1990: 17). However, this masculine sphere ignores the detrimental effects certain security policies aimed at ‘protection’, have on women due to the concept that the best security for women “might be different because women are more likely to be attacked by men they know, rather than strangers from other states’ (Ruiz: 2012).

As highlighted in feminist theory, the topics of ‘state protection’ (Enloe 1990: 5); and issues of security in IR are constrained by masculine blinkers, excluding gender consideration, from commencement, resulting in policymaking that is detrimental to women (Ruiz: ). Security issues women are confronted with such as the consequence of militarization (Youngs: ). These security issues women are confronted with, such as the consequence of militarization, urge feminist theorist to question the concept of male ‘protection of women’.
This lack of gender consideration in policies designed for the protection of the state against other states and questionability for the necessity to manipulate the masculine role of protector, disregarding effects on women, in order to achieve a...

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