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Feminist Movement Essay

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Feminist Movement
Since the beginning of time, women have been working to become equal in society. The inequality of women does not focus on any particular country it is a worldwide issue. Individuals and groups of organizations felt that men, these issues ranged from, did not treat women equally; sexual violence, equal pay, abortions, the right to vote, education …. Some in which we still fight for today.
It was the mid- 1800s when the first signs of the feminist movement came about. In 1861, The Subjection of Women written by John Stuart Mill, which was said to have bridged the ideology of the Women’s Rights Movement (Ryan 11). He discussed the role of women in society during ...view middle of the document...

They had been brainwashed over the many decades to feel empty and only important for reproduction. Sex discrimination in the workplace, gender roles, and violence against women was then a focus. The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and Abortion campaigns were a primary motivation of getting women out of the house and into the movement. In 1982, this Amendment passed due to the discrimination of women because of their gender. In addition, women having the right of make individual decisions regarding pregnancy (including access to contraceptives and abortion) and the right to own property.
Perhaps one of the greatest accomplishments of the movement was the legalization of abortion. The New York State Legislature in 1970 set forth the “first law embodying women’s right to choose and have medical help in abortion” (Friedan 122). In 1973, the Supreme Court granted the right to sexual privacy and control of women’s bodies in the matter of childbearing and abortion. After the Supreme Court decision, maternity mortality dropped to an all time low in the United States, for abortion related deaths by 600 percent. In 1974, 9000,000 American women had safe and legal abortions (Friedan 122).
Violence against women is an ongoing trend that has been going on for decades, from all degrees of rape, sexually assaulted, and victimized, on a daily basis. The laws of many countries around the world such as India, Malaysia, Nicaragua, United Nations, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and even in the United States women are victims of sexual violence. There are many types of sexual violence, whether it is date rape, sexual...

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