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Feminist Philosophy Essay

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Throughout most of history women had fewer legal rights, career opportunities, and overall a smaller voice. In today’s society, women in most nations won the right to vote, increased their educational and job opportunities, and fought for and accomplished a reevaluation of traditional views of their role in society. What society in the past has defined as the role of a woman, is now becoming more blurred as the woman of today are more aware, involved, and educated. Women today are capable of doing the duties of a man, and sometime even excelling at it. Therefore, the study of feminist philosophy is definitely a positive contribution to philosophy.
One common objection to the study of feminist philosophy is, “Feminist philosophy is of interest only to women, not to men.” In response to this, those who object feminist philosophy believe that it only addresses ...view middle of the document...

A second common objection is that, “Feminism posits a natural dualism between the sexes and therefore is not relevant to women today.” Schott explains that women today have gained equality and have proved that they can do everything a man can do. However feminism requires a woman to be labeled as such. There are other factors to consider for the natural dualism between sexes, one for example, is the anatomy and bodily differences of both the male and female and the existence of ethical love that exists between them, so to say that feminism is the cause of a natural dualism is not entirely true. Furthermore it is important and relevant to women today because such analyses and questions that feminist philosophy studies pose, challenges those that have dominated philosophical debates and views.
Studying feminist philosophy for me has become an even further interest of mine after reading the few chapters of Robin May Schott. Reading quotes of past philosophers such as Aristotle baffled me at how sexist men were toward women and their role in society. Could it be that those same philosophers were the roots of the prejudices created towards women? It is evident that women today are much more empowered. Furthermore, the fact that feminist philosophy has become an actual course now taught in universities worldwide is evidence that women are just as equal as men. The rise of the women therefore brings about the importance for studying feminist philosophy. A study in which makes sense to study in the discipline of philosophy given the extent of its history. Women are who they are today, because they have challenged philosophical theories which told them who they were and what their role consists of. I believe philosophy is to blame for the further segregation of women from men but was also the cause of empowerment for women. The study of Feminist philosophy is necessary because it illustrates the rise and accomplishments of the woman to close that gap that once existed.

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