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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Short Essay

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I was reading an article in ABILITY magazine talking about fetal alcohol syndrome. She said that she was talking to a pregnant lady drinking spiked eggnog saying she knew what fetal alcohol syndrome was and that you have to be an alcoholic to be born with it. She also said the doctor said it was ok to drink as long as it was only occasionally. Why don’t people understand how bad it is to drink? The doctors may say its ok but don’t we know that health risks it can cause to our children? Fetal alcohol syndrome is not a child being born addicted to alcohol, its more “characterized by mental retardation, growth restrictions and even facial abnormalities” (Parents). “One study found that although nearly two-thirds of women had heard of fetal alcohol syndrome, 70 percent of them thought it meant an infant was born addicted to alcohol” (Ability).
We really need to think about these factors before we take a drink. I know as a ...view middle of the document...

Children with FAS have some tell-tale facial anomalies, growth deficiencies and various levels of brain damage; behavioral and learning problems result, and the consequences are generally lifelong. ARND describes a similar behavioral and cognitive syndrome without the characteristic facial abnormalities or growth deficiencies of FAS. With fewer physical clues, diagnosis of ARND is more complicated; only a doctor who is an expert in ARND can determine whether a child’s behaviors or disabilities are alcohol-related” (Ability).
Each year there are about 40,000 plus babies born in the U.S. with a disorder related to alcohol abuse. They all have learning and other challenges from very severe to just mild. Some say that symptoms can look somewhat similar to ADHD. Also there have been some studies where they showed for every two drinks a day, it dropped the child’s IQ by 3 points. And the older the mother was, the more they were at risk or retardation.
So is any alcohol safe to consume while pregnant? I would say no, but there have been people who drank during their whole pregnancy and their baby came out perfectly normal. And then there are also the ones who only had one drink and their baby came out with abnormalities. Were all different but before we take that drink we need to think about the consequences. Do we really want to risk it? I know I wouldn’t. In the Ability article it says that “We must prevent all injury and illness that is preventable in society, and alcohol-related birth defects are completely preventable. We do not know what, if any, amount of alcohol is safe…When a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, so does her baby. Therefore, it’s in the best interest for a pregnant woman to simply not drink alcohol.” I think that this is completely true. We want to try and prevent any injury and illness to our child. I think that we should do whatever we can to keep our children safe.
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