Ffam And The K Family Essay

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Analysis of CK and the K Family
Jane Doe

Family nursing is a fairly new concept relative to the history of nursing practice. With any type of nursing process, assessment is the first (and ongoing) part of the process, followed by care planning and intervention. In delivering comprehensive care, the nurse must incorporate assessment of the family unit, or lack there-of, associated with the identified patient. Many family assessment tools have been devised to assist the nurse in gathering accurate data while opening up lines of communication and reflection for all members involved in the process. Selection of the appropriate tool for the identified ...view middle of the document...

Tools and Models Used in the K Family Assessment
A genogram and ecomap are essential components of a thorough and timely family assessment. Both tools assist in piecing together a family picture, and augment information gathered in family assessment models. The genogram, in particular “displays pertinent family information in a family tree format that shows family members and their relationships (Stanhope, Lancaster, 2004). Helpful additions to the genogram may also include medical and psychological history, as well as occupation. According to Kaakinen, Gedaly-Duff, Coehlo, and Hanson, “families repeat themselves…what happens in one generation repeats itself in the next generation; thus many of the same strengths and problems get played out from generation to generation (2010, p. 109). The genogram and echomap provide visual depiction of familial patterns, whether psychosocial, physical or issues of mental health. The ecomap independently diagrams the family unit in relation to other units of society, and can be used to set goals for the future with reference and overlap in relation to communal support.
There are numerous Family Assessment tools developed by nurses such as the Calgary Family Assessment model, which assess families and the structure in which they abide, as well as the Chronicity Impact and Coping Instrument, a questionnaire for parents which assists in identifying perceived stressors, problematic situations, and the parent(s) coping abilities. The Family Assessment Guide is another tool which helps to assess the family in the community. The Family Assessment tool, Family Coping Index, Family Health Inventory and Family Health Promotion and Protection plan are additional tools that assess various areas of family function. The last two, Family Systems Stressor Strength Inventory (FS3I), measuring family stressors and strengths (as referenced in its title) and the Freidman Family Assessment Model (FFAM), which assesses family structural – functional framework, developmental stage, family history, coping and health. Of these, the FFAM is the template used in this report of CK and the K family.
The Freidman Family Assessment Model was developed under assumptions that the family is a social system with functional requirements. The model’s premise is that a family is a small group possessing certain generic features common to all small groups. The Freidman Model is structurally and functionally based. By comparison, the FS3I is communicative and indicative of the needs of each individual in the family. Viewing families, not just as a client but also as a subsystem of society, is where the FFAM helps with the dynamism of the family and its communal support in the periphery. The FFAM “takes a macroscopic approach to family assessment (as compared with the microscopic approach of the FS3I), viewing families as a subsystem of the wider society “(Hanson, 2001, p.125). Another assumption of the model is “the family as a social...

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