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Fiction Story Essay

570 words - 3 pages

Kamran Paracha

Yangtze River
The longest river in Asia which flows from the glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau  and through China before emptying into the China before East China Sea at Shanghai.

Brown clouds
A layer of air pollution that covers parts of South Asia, namely the northern Indian Ocean, India, and Pakistan.

A seasonal wind of the Indian Ocean and southern Asia, that blows from the southwest in summer and from the northeast in winter.

It is a tropical cyclone or hurricane that is from the western Pacific and China seas.

Ethnic Groups
A group of people that are identified with each other through their heritage, language, cultural, religion and ancestry.

Religious Groups
A group of people that share the same spiritual beliefs and religious practices.

It is the third largest religion in the world ...view middle of the document...

It is the oldest scriptures of Hinduism. They believe these were not written by humans. They contain hymns to be recited, formulas to be recited and sung by priests, and a collection of spells.

A religion and philosophy of traditions, beliefs and practices based on the teachings of Buddha and the Three Jewels.

Siddhartha Gautama is also known as The Awakened Teacher.

Four Noble Truths
Buddhist belief that suffering exists, suffering arises from desires, suffering decreases with decrease in desires, the Eightfold Path gives freedom from suffering.

A state of being free from suffering in the Indian religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. It is the union with their god.

The Middle Way
Buddha used the term to describe the path between indulgence and purity.

Eightfold Path
Buddhist Steps to stop suffering; viewing reality as it is, intention of making changes, speaking truthfulness, acting in a non-harmful way, living in a non-harmful way, making an effort to improve, awareness to see things with clear consciousness and correct meditation. 

Belief in one Allah and his last messenger, Mohammad and his writings of the Quran.

Five Pillars of Islam
Belief of one god and Mohammad as a messenger, prayers five times a day, fasting, giving 2.5% of income to the poor and the pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca for Hajjah, if possible.

The belief of only one god.

A set of spiritual practices in Japan. It includes folklore, history, and mythology.

Shinto teaches that everything has supernatural spirits or deities in it.

The teachings of the Chinese philosopher Confucius. They believe in the development of moral perfection.

People’s Republic of China

Indians National Congress

Chairman Mao Zedong

Great Leap Forward

Cultural Revolution

Green Revolution

Mohandas K. Gandhi


Long March

Red Army

Tiananmen Square

Human Capital

Literacy Rate

Gross Domestic Product

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