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Fighitingg For Being Illgal Essay

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                     Fighting For being An Illegal Migrant Student
  My parents left Mexico in 1994, when I was two years old along with my youngest sister who was just only six months old baby. Both of my parents arrive to New York seeking " The American dreamed . " Hoping to scape from poverty and give us a better education. Thousands of immigrant people leave their home countries and start a new life generally coming in search of economic opportunity. The result of our parents bad decision, Young Children who were brought as a kid like me must suffer and face many struggles as an Illegal immigrant student in the United States. Two unforgettable memories that shaped my identity are my childhood school years and when both of my parents were abruptly cut out of my life.
  Until this day, me and my sister can't recount how we arrive or say we are a real citizen from here because of our illegal alien's statues in the United States or nor from Mexico ...view middle of the document...

It has been difficult for me to find work as a graduate for the same reason that I don't have a social security number, that really limits my ability to do anything.
All my night mares started to appear when I turn fourteen years old. My surroundings, most of my class mates and friends had summer jobs, thinking to myself that it was going to be great idea to helping my parents by me finding some kind of job during the summer where my education couldn't get affected. Later, that night I was waiting for my parents to tell them about my idea about finding a job to help them out by saving some money. As the hours passed me and my sister were starting to worry because it was rarely that my parents weren't home, somehow they would always let us know. Subsequently, that night I and my sister went to bed crying not knowing what had happened to both. I and my sister were so afraid and scare not knowing what to do.We not to attend school hoping to find some news about them, deciding to call the company were both of my parent's work, and I was told by the owner that Immigration and Customs Enforcement had them removed them from their job because apparently someone snitched to the officials whom the company was hiring undocumented people. At that point of my life, I didn't know that me as well as my families were illegally in this country.
  Although my story is unique, there are thousands of other students in the same conflicting situation. These are many of my struggles that I am facing everyday as an undocumented student. Being an illegal immigrant student means a lot of things. I really want to be able travel abroad and be some in life, but this won't stop me from archeiving my dreams having fear can be something that actually motivates me more each day to get together and fight back. More over Since my parent's deportation to Mexico, I have learned to work and to be independent with my sister today. We both made it to college by working hard and having some support of my family who lived with us at during that time. I feel blessed for having two parents for bringing me to this Country giving us the opportunity to be someone in life, they both have shaped my identity. I never lose my faith that some day we will reunite together in Mexico .

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