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Fighting For America Essay

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The country that I now deeply love, and even get a little teary eyed when I sing the National Anthem, did not used to be so welcoming to me and people like me. Before my time there were laws against African-Americans living a normal life. A normal life many before me fought for. Life in the 1950’s was not the easiest for African-Americans. Many Whites still saw African-Americans as an inferior race. This meant many simple everyday task were that much harder for Africans-Americans. Housing Segregation, discrimination in courts, discrimination in public places prevented many African Americans from living the American Dream. All of these examples are only the tip of the ice berg. Going out to ...view middle of the document...

Not only have I looked into normal family functions I went deeper to get a better understanding of how life functioned for a family while the head of the house was away at war as well as when he came back.
Many white Americans are stuck in the ways of the Chinese. The Castes system is something that Americans do not really practice anymore, however in the early 1900’s they would. The “white man’s theory of color caste” is
“ (1.) The concern for ‘race purity’ is basic in the whole issue. The primary idea is to prevent amalgamation; the white are determined to use every means to this end.
(2.) Rejection of ‘social equality’ is to be understood as a precaution to hinder intermarriage.
(3.) The danger of intermarriage is so tremendous that segregation and discrimination must be extended to nearly all spheres of life—recreation, religion, education, politics, law, housing, and breadwinning.”
This is a great example of how rough times were for African-Americans. The White men thought that what they were doing was justified. As far as they knew they were doing the right thing. How do you protect yourself from people that are “doing the right thing?” This is an ideal that is adopted all over the nation. The Curvey family resides in the South and we all know about the South. Many people know about Southern Hospitality, however that is not all you get when you go down south. The South did not think that slaves should be freed in the first place and were very reluctant to free them. Many southerners saw the fourteenth and fifteenth amendment as jokes to the American Dream. Even “The Negro vote became the symbol of humiliation of the South”. African-Americans just could not get respect from Whites because they were seen as a joke, a disgrace to the entire nation. A very big contradiction seen in the South is the label we hold of being the Bible Belt. Everyone in the south knows that if you do not love God you are looked at differently. Religion is something that is taught like the ABC’s here in the South. What I never understood is how Christians could treat the African-Americans unjustly. “Race prejudice is presented as a ‘deer-rooted’, God-implanted instinct” This reasoning blows my mind considering the Bible is filled with passages supporting equality, and how as Christians we are called to “love thy neighbor as thyself.”
While gaining respect was hard for African-Americans my grandfather found peace in fighting for his country. My grandfather pasted away before I was born so I can not speak from experience but I know that he was a strong man. In my opinion the Army back then was filled with men that have the most pride for their country. Now-a-days that is no problem but back then I am sure it was. A huge group of white men that thought I was a disgrace to the country is not something I would willing join. The Army was a cold place for African-Americans. They were discriminated against normal privileges such as leave...

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