Figurative Language Versus Literal Language Essay

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Sensory Perceptions
Calvin Douglas Hunter
Critical Thinking-PHI 210
Strayer University
January 17, 2013

When we are first born our five senses are just starting to develop from the first taste of food to hearing our mother and father speak, even the touch of a person hand. Some would say at the time a baby is born they are not aware of their surroundings and unable to survive it is very important for parents to help in their survival. They will hear words and not understand, hear sounds around them and will not know what they mine, until they are taught, they do not know at this time how important their senses will be to them until later in life and how their senses ...view middle of the document...

The power of the senses is manifested when information is received in the brain.
Even if claims would accurately represent when they are interpreted in a manner that is deemed to be regular, we cannot assume that these assumptions are inherent to the claims in the manner they are communicated. Statements might be interpreted different by other people or they may be distorted. Some contributors factors to accuracy of sensory are; repeatability, mathematical tools to assess accuracy and reliability, use of a tested and accepted methodology and toolset that complies with the standards of the scientific community.
For the matter of nature and nurture, there are a couple of things to say. Through nurture we humans have developed the scientific method which, as we believe, reflects the nature of reality the most as it is the least subjective of methods or statements we make. Nature of the other hand, this leads us to be judge by mechanisms already built into our being, not necessarily helping us to make accurate statements about the nature of anything.

Our natural habits in general help us more to survive than it helps us in making accurate statements or judgments. Lippa, R. (2005) believes other influence plays a big part in how we act and what we learn she...

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