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1. What is Poetry? Poetry is a spontaneous and powerful overflow of human feelings (Wordsworth)
2. Drama (Play) (GR. Deed, action, play) the form of literature intended to be performed usually in some kind of theater. Drama comes to life when it is interpreted in the performance of actors who adopt the roles of characters and speak the dialogues
3. Farce A kind of drama intended primarily to provoke laughter, using exaggerated characters and complicated plots, full of absurd episodes, ludicrous situations and knockabout action. Mistaken identity is frequently an element in the plot. The example being The Bear in BA and The Importance of Being Earnest at Master’s.
4. Comedy A road genre which encompasses a large variety of different kinds of literature; however, Comedy is used most often with reference to a kind of drama which is intended primarily to ...view middle of the document...

7. Tragedy Basically a tragedy traces the career and downfall of an individual and shows in the downfall both the capacities and limitations of human life. The Protagonist may be a superhuman, a monarch or, in the modern age, an ordinary person. Aristotle in his Poetics analyzed and observed that it presented a single action of a certain magnitude, that it provoked in the audience the emotions of pity and terror which were then resolved or dissolved by Catharsis at the play’s climax.
8. Soliloquy (Lat. To speak alone) A curious but fascinating dramatic convention, which allows a character in a play or novel to speak directly to the audience, as if thinking aloud about motives, feelings and decisions. In Othello, Iago has soliloquized his motives and so has Smirnov in the Bear.
9. Irony is a contradictory outcome. There are many types of Irony. In dramatic irony, When the audience of the play know more than the characters and can therefore foresee the tragic or comic circumstances which will befall. In situational irony, there is difference from expectation: Suicide committed by an admired person or murder may be plotted by an apparently harmless person. In verbal irony, we say one thing but mean another: the meaning is far from the usual meaning, calling a humble baker a rich man. It implies a contrast or discrepancy between what is said and meant.
10. Novel. Almost no one definition is complete because novels are so varied and different in nature. Still one can start, Novel is an extended prose fiction narrative of 50,000 words or more, broadly realistic--concerning the everyday events of ordinary people--and concerned with character. "People in significant action" is one way of describing it. Another definition might be "an extended, fictional prose narrative about realistic characters and events." It is a representation of life, experience, and learning. Action, discovery, and description are important elements, but the most important tends to be one or more characters--how they grow, learn, find--or don't grow, learn, or find.

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