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October 11th 2013
Film Argument Essay “From Hell”

“From Hell” is a movie based on the case of Jack The Ripper by the New 20th Century Fox Production. Jack the Ripper, a serial killer, haunted Whitechapel, a district of East London, during the late 1880s; The Ripper was said to be the first documented and investigated serial killer at the time. The movie “From Hell” relates how, when and where The Ripper killed his victims. ...view middle of the document...

For example Mary Kelly and her friends are dressed in tight corseted dress, with a flower pinned at the front of the dress, etc… at this point, we can say the movie succeeded to capture the dress code of that period.
When it comes to the characters, the cast consists of Johnny Depp who plays the role of inspector Abberline, Heather Graham who embodies the prostitute Mary Kelly, Ian Holm as Sir William Gull (the killer), Robbie Coltrane as sergeant Godley, just to name a few. The prostitutes illustrate the women living in Whitechapel, who didn’t have a place to live, nothing to eat and had to work the streets in order to survive; In the movie they are given grapes and laudanum disguised as a drink before being killed. This might be a little deviation from the historical fact (for we don’t know whether the Ripper actually gave them grapes or not), but the general facts still remain. The other component of Whitechapel inhabitants, the rich and wealthy people, represent the high society, those who believe themselves to be superior to Jews and other poor and prostitutes living in Whitechapel, with exactly contextualize the thought of rich people at that time. Moreover, the victims are killed in the similar order, from first to last just like in the original story.
The movie is pretty dark, clammy, horrific and awful; the music chosen for some scenes fill with fear (slow and yet filled with suspense, dramatic), the lights are quite low, deep shadows, lurid setting and saturated colors are used especially at night when the murders are committed, and the murders are presented in a very disgusting, gruesome and harsh way for the movie shows scenes are very strong and greatly affect our emotions, making his audience fear what is coming next, giving us...

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