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Film Evaluation Essay

973 words - 4 pages

Student: Yanxin Jiang
Instructor: Debra Frazier
ENGL 1301-8003 8:00 am
April 1st,2011
The Best Nanny
Did you use to dress up in costumes at night on Halloween? Are you proud that nobody can recognize you after you put on your make-up? The most successful elite of masquerade is Mrs. Doubtfire who is acted by a famous movie star, Robin Williams. Robin Williams is a comedian. He performed a lot of impressive movies, for example, Patch Adams, The Fisher King, Good Will Hunting, and etc. Robin exploits the connotation of the comedy movies to social phenomenon and life. Mrs. Doubtfire is one of my favorite ...view middle of the document...

His cover was blown when Chris walks in on him in the bathroom. Daniel asked Lydia and Chris to keep the secret. Meanwhile, Daniel met the TV Station’s CEO Jonathan Lundy when he worked as a shipping clerk. Lundy appreciated Daniel’s talent and invited him to have dinner to hear Daniel’s idea about toy dinosaurs. Also, he had to deal with Miranda’s new boyfriend, Stuart Dunmire. Stuart took the family out to the same restaurant at the same time to celebrate Miranda’s birthday, and everyone expected Mrs.Doubtfire to join them. It left Daniel such a difficult problem. At the restaurant, Daniel attempted to use the restroom to change back and forth from himself to Doubtfire. Lundy was impressed because Daniel forgot to remove his costume. Daniel explained to Lundy that was a part of his idea. Lundy promised to develop the character into a possible television program. Daniel dumped peeper on Stuart’s dish that made Stuart keep choking. At this moment, part of Daniel’s mask peeled off. Miranda was so mad to discover his identity. Miranda received full custody of the children after that happened. Meanwhile, Mrs.Doubtfire became a star of Lundy’s television program. Due to Mrs.doubtfire’s positive effect on children, Miranda allowed Daniel a visit. The three kids were so happy to have their father back. At the end, they sat together and enjoy Mrs.Doubtfire’s show.
Mrs.Doubtfire was directed by Chris Columbus and was written by Anne Fine. It was released in 1993. Even though it has been a long time, I still keep Mrs.Doubtfire’s profile in my mind. When I heard the name of Mrs.Doubtfire, I thought it must be a very boring movie which might introduce an old English woman’s legendary life. When I saw the poster of Mrs.Doubtfire, I could not even...

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