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Film Insider Essay

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Zhibo Yang
Professor Collins-Porter
FILM 101
Children of Men
Children of Men, directed by Alfonso Cuaron, is a science fiction thriller film in 2006. After watching it, I start to think deeply because this film contains much information about political statements, philosophy, and religions. Children of Men tells the story of Theo Faron, one of the many bureaucrats from the energy department in UK. He seems like a common citizen, but does something uncommon later. In fact, the first thirty minutes is not quite interesting for me, but things has changed significantly after Julian is killed by shot. Later, Theo becomes a hero by rescuing Kee’s child, the child of miracle. This ...view middle of the document...

These things include: a family photo of Theo, Julian, and their little kid, Dylan, many slogans against war in Iraq, award of political cartoonist of the year for Jasper, news on infertility, and news about MI5 deny torture of photojournalist, who is Jasper’s wife. This scene tells audience tremendous information besides our main story, which completely shows audience a broad picture of the story and the background.
Cinematography and Editing
By using many impressive long takes, Alfonso brings the audience to a sense of reality of London in 2027. These long takes make this film have the feeling of a documentary. Also, Alfonso uses only a few cuts, which makes the scene more effective because all the audience’s attention is focused on Theo. The lack of cuts also enables me to feel like I am exactly escaping with Theo in real time. Long takes and lack of cuts definitely provide audience with an authentic experience. This documentary style gives the feeling that the world in the story is the real world we live in. Long take also performs an important role in the scene when Julian gets shot. It is unbelievable to see there is only one take in the scene when Luke drives the car and escapes from the mob completed by a nice and impressive dolly shot.
The cinematography in Children of Men is one of the biggest dazzling points by using single-camera and single-shot movement for many parts of the film. This incredible framework makes a strong impact in the scene for audience.
Children of Men is edited in a very linear way. There is no flashback. Every scene leads into the following scene and no time is omitted from the story. Each time the film cuts is the end of one scene and a new scene is going to start. This style also makes audience feel the world in the story is real. An example of this subjective camera movement is the scene where the car Theo is traveling in is attacked and the group has to escape by driving backwards. When the car finally comes to a stop the camera gets out with Theo as he exits the car. The camera then pans to the road and frames awkwardly on the dead officers before cutting, an edit that draws attention to the way the group murdered the officers and then fled.
Alfonso uses many new and innovative techniques in Children of Men to successfully create a sense of reality where audience are able to see the world of the film as if it were their own world. Carefully implemented editing techniques keep the audience focused on the important characters and emotions throughout the film.
Children of Men does well on both diegetic sound and nondiegetic sound. The director combines rock, pop, dubstep, and classical music pieces to create one of the most innovative sound effects. At the beginning, we hear the news report and know the death of baby Diego. After that, we experience the bomb explosion with huge sound effect. Also, at the end of the film, we could hear kids playing and laughing, which means to enlighten human...

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